I can speak to your group or organization on a variety of topics including:

 Exploring Creation - the value of spending time outdoors with your family 
How to use the Bible as the foundation of your Homeschool Curriculum 
Everyday Exploring 
When you don't think you can homeschool your child 
Homeschooling with a Defiant Child 
A Natural Approach to Homeschooling 
Homeschooling Boys 

These are a few topics I am prepared to speak on but I am not limited to them. If you have a particular need and are looking for the right person to address your group - please contact me so we can discuss various other options. 

My oldest child is in Middle School and we have been homeschooling since preschool. I homeschool 3 little boys in Southwest Florida. We travel and explore and spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors.  

I believe that by spending time in nature, I am helping my children learn to recognize the fingerprints of their Creator, and therefore, know Him better. We pray our way through the difficult times, and strive to glorify Him in our every day life. 

Prior engagements: 

Where I'm Speaking:

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