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Family Friendly Recipes -
 Getting the Kids Involved in the Kitchen:

We are big believers in family participation in the kitchen
I'm joining forces with Carrie @ Young Living Oil 


a Link Up on Tuesdays to encourage families to cook and eat together 
It will stay open 30 days for you to share your family recipes and tips 
for getting kiddos to help out  in the kitchen

Rules for the link up: All family recipes welcome, healthy ones encouraged, No kids required in the pictures - we do happen to think they are especially cute! The point is to encourage families to cook and eat together - to bring the family back to the table. 

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We Do hope you'll join us! 

Popular Recipes from Adventurez in ChildRearing: 

 A few of our families recipes for your enjoyment- 

"Steak Roll-Ups"
One of our families favorite meals & the added bonus is it's quick and easy
(It's even healthy- but ssshhhh don't tell the kids)

I bought some thin sliced steaks on sale at Walmart for $3.59 - It was just under 1 lb. of meat
I browned them lightly in the skillet with just a tsp. of canola oil & sprinkled them with taco seasoning

Serve with:  grated cheese (low fat if you can)
chopped onion
 (I slice it in half & then in each 1/2 in 1/2 again- then I let the boys "chop" it up using a table knife for safety)
sour cream
lettuce -(we used greens from our garden!)
tomato- (from our garden)
peppers- (f.o.g.)

Roll it all up in a tortilla warmed in the oven or microwave & enjoy family time!

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it would be ok to use canned ones if ya just had too!