Exploring Creation

Why We Do It:
(and why I think everyone should)

Getting the family outside to enjoy and learn about God's creation and inspiring others to do the same is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I have chronicled our adventurez in an effort to share with you that it is not only possible to get out and experience the great outdoors with your children - but it is vitally important. It can bring about family bonding in a way like none other and grow your families relationship with their Creator!

It is only when we get outside and are quiet to observe - that we can truly hear Him say
 "look small" and "look smaller still". We begin to recognize the fingerprints of our Creator -
 we strengthen our relationship with the God who loves us - as we take a careful look at the 
wonders and the beauty of His creation. 

Your children can get just as excited about catching small brim in a nearby pond, looking for craw-dads in a stream, or spotting birds in the back yard- if you are involved & really "present" with them.

We do a lot of fishing and boating because we live on the gulf coast of Florida- but we also go for walks in the woods- leave bird seed in the back yard- and camp whenever we get the opportunity!

Here are some links to some of our adventures- get ideas for your time in the great outdoors! 
 just click on the picture:

Family Adventurez:

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 How-to's  on going wild with the kiddos: 

St Sugustine, FL - Anastasia State Park

Sailing Adventurez- 

Baby Great Horned Owl/owlets

Cedar Point Park- a walk in the woods

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 Outdoor Play - Sanibel Beach

Travel Tips:

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