As mother to 3 boys I am often asked  HOW  I manage to homeschool- well, I don't do it alone, and there are many who do it far better than I. We pray a lot, I research a lot, and I seek to find what God wants from me as their mother and teacher: 

There are tons of resources and support out there these days. I enjoy putting together my own
curriculum and especially love FREE homeschooling (or at least mostly free).

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This page is currently under construction and being updated- See our "Printables" tab from the home page for free Unit Studies and Homeschool printables 

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Homeschool Launch Free Files - check out my PDF's under Files then check out all the free resources from other homeschoolers on the "member list" or the "file list" -

Sea Turtle Unit:

Passport 2 Adventurez- Italy 

Earthquake Unit Study: 

Hurricane Study Unit:

*laminate for flashcards or print 2x
and make your own "memory game"!

ABC Cards with Animals:
A- F Printable
G- L Printable
M- R Printable
S- X Printable
Y- Z Printable

Homeschool Links and Sites for Freebies:

*Reading:  "Neo K- 12" - help with Phonics and alphabet -

* History: "E-Learning Links"- fantastic History resource-

*Bible:  -  resources for home and Sunday School-

* Science- "Learning Ideas"- Animal Science-

    Earth science- "Answers in Genesis Kids"-

*Math- "Math Blaster"- Games to make math fun-

*Music- worksheet maker

Homeschool Adventures, Ideas, and Field Trips:
(click on the pic to read about our educational adventures)
Atlantis Lifts Off The Last Space Shuttle
Click on the pic to read about our family adventure camping out
for the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

  Lion Country Safari

Affordable Museum Field Trips:

Crafts For Your Homeschool:

Click here to Go To "Adventurez In Crafting" For a Full List of Family Friendly Crafts and Instructions

Cardboard Box - Seashell "Cottage"

Easy Peasy Native American Costumes and More

Homemade Math Game-  
                                                        Multiply, Add, or Subtract
       Great practice and FUN!

Your Child's "First" Book:

Re-purpose an old board book into one that your child can be really proud of. It is critically important to instill a love of reading in your child - what better way than by having them make their very own book?

Click the picture for full instructions on how to make your own!

More Crafts:

  Cardboard Box Craft!

Going Green! St. Patricks w Toilet Rolls: 

  St. Patricks Day Craft

Scrapbook Paper Cards:

   Robot Card- Great for Valentines Day