Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nature Walk

Last Sunday we decided to do a little family hiking because the weather was so beautiful we just HAD to get outside. I love watching my children learning about nature from their daddy. He is a great teacher. I am a lucky woman. Did I mention that I'm happy? (check out my profile) Very happy. No matter what is going on in the economy or within our government- (stress) I will stop each and every day to be thankful for what I have and to look around me to see what I can do to make things better for someone else. Don't get me wrong- those beautiful, angelic little boys can sometimes push me to (beyond) my limits- and right about the time I think I might spontaneously combust- I must take a step back, a couple of deep breaths and look to see what that little person really needs from me in that moment. In stepping back for a moment, I have the opportunity to "regroup" and "reassess" the situation. Things become clear, and I know - I am a very lucky woman indeed.

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