Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Camping After Christmas

Camping on a little deserted island near Boca Grande is one of our favorite things.
When we found a few days right after Christmas - we didn't even have to convince the boys to leave their toys behind! They were ready.
They grabbed their new fishing poles (from the Charlotte County Nature Fest- see previous blog) and we hit the road- well, we hit the water.
BTW- we found that tying on little rubber fish to the end of the line for the younger boys is a great way for them to "fish" without hooking a friend! Somehow they get just as excited every time they reel in that same little fish.
Speaking of friends- we made some new ones. Turns out our little deserted island wasn't entirely deserted! Great fun for the kids - and I got to hang with a GIRL!
With the economy being what it is - (told you i'd start getting into this soon) we decided that for christmas we would go with a "theme". Although the kids certainly got plenty of other things (I found on sale - thankyou) we concentrated on our "family camping and games" theme. They each got their own lantern (battery op of course). They each got new sleeping bags- in their fav colors! Parker had a sleeping bag already - so he was "upgraded" to a twin blow-up mattress. They love having their own big boy supplies- and we saved money and have set ourselves up to create some memories that they will hopefully take with them throughout life and cherish as much as I do!
We also picked up some good ole' fashioned family games both for indoors and out. Jarts is a great one! It is easily portable, sturdy, (very important for our crew) and even the little guys can play to win.
Don't worry - these are not the yard darts of yester-year that would put your eyes out. They are new and improved (although my husband was a bit disappointed) the tips are rounded and safe.
We like to make up our own rules - it helps create a "sliding scale" for the kids although their aunt Jill will probably have a problem with this because she is so competitive that she can't even stand to let the kids win. Aunt Jill- they have medication for that problem!!! haha

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