Friday, January 2, 2009

Jelks Preserve - One of my favorite passtimes is checking out local and even not-so-local parks and preserves. I have a column that I write as a freelancer for Charlotte Woman Magazine about "one tank trips" and things to do in the area- and so it is a part of my job to do the due dilligence and visit lots of fun places. Fortunately, for me - the boys love to go on these "adventures" and it is also healthy and usually at least somewhat educational as well.

On this particular afternoon - just prior to Thanksgiving- we even had the pleasure of my husbands company. The boys carried their fishing poles about a mile through the preserve - down to the Myakka River. It was beautiful- birds singing all the way. We saw several armadillos and a couple of interesting bugs (yet still to be identified)! Most of all- the boys got to use their new fishing rods that they "earned" at the Charlotte County Nature Festival. Fun-

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