Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Birthplace of Abe Lincoln

The field where Abe Lincoln used to plant corn, pumpkins, and more......

The creek bed where Abe fell in as a child and almost drowned- He was rescued by his friend Austin who pulled him out.

The cabin which belonged to Lincoln family friends (Austin's family) - It was very similar to the cabin Abe grew up in!!!

Larger view of the one room cabin- great example of pioneer and early settler cabins.

Monument to Abe Lincoln- We climbed and counted the 56 steps which represent the age of Abe Lincoln when he was assasinated by John Wilks Boothe at the Ford Theatre.

The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln was a fun and educational place to visit. The visitor center includes a 30 minute movie that tells of the early years of young Abe and the history of his family. As a pioneer family and early settlers, they lived mostly off the land. His parents belonged to a local church that preached against slavery and it was in this place that young Abe first witnessed groups of slaves being taken to market to be sold. These things greatly influenced him and helped to form his strong opinions on the subject of slavery.
Walking along the creek bed where he fell in as a boy, standing in the field where he worked growing food for his family, it was easy to get a feel for the life of the little boy who grew up to be a great man. The things we learned that day will not soon be forgotten.
Most interesting was the opportunity for a conversation with my 8 year old boy about how things that we see and our various experiences, some good and some bad, during childhood can shape who we become as adults. We decided that it is indeed important what we put into our heads and what we expose and surround ourselves with. (Great parenting moment!!)
All in all- our 1 hour and 15 minute drive to the south of Louisville was well worth the time and effort. It was a wonderful family day and a terrific "hands on" learning experience.

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