Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Ski- Paoli Peaks Indiana

Paoli Peaks, Indiana- A great place for family fun!

Our little future Olympian "hopefuls" had a wonderful first day out on the snow-

Paoli provides a "Little Snow Monsters" class for little bitty ones who want to learn the basics about hitting the slopes.

The learning area is perfect for beginners of all ages. Group and private lessons are also available. Beginners learn to control their skiing by "snow plowing" down the hill and then ride the "magic carpet" back up to the top.

There are several family trails for beginners to progress to including learning how to load on and off the chair lifts.
Paoli has something for skiers of all skill levels. The trail maps are easy to read and clearly marked. For those who want to challenge themselves there is an area with jumps and "grinds" where snowboarders or skiers can play and learn new tricks.
Although our 8 year old has mastered some of those skills, for the most part it was really just enough to get the entire family skiing down the "cake walk" slope, onto the chair lift, and back down again, and again. For 4 & 5 year old little boys, the experience was quite an ego boost.

We will forever remember the fun filled day & skiing into the night at Paoli Peaks. Hopefully we will be able to go again sometime soon- as a matter of fact, we had to make a few last minute promises just to get them in off the slopes at 10:30 p.m. ! It's hard to blame them, mom & dad were having so much fun it was difficult for us to throw in the towel too.
Sunday nights beginning at 4 p.m. are family night at Paoli & you can purchase a lift ticket and ski rental for 40$. There are other weekly specials including "teacher ski free days" (yes, that means homeschool teachers) and more information available at .


Marcy said...

Kelli...thanks for following my blog! It looks like we must not live too far from each other either. We're about 30 minutes from Paoli! Looks like you guys had a blast. I really need to take my snow-lovin' child up there!

Marcy said... that I've looked at your blog more, I see you're in Louisville, too. probably found me from an HFHG post! hope to meet you one day soon!