Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anastasia State Park- St Augustine, FL

AAAAAAHHHHHH- perfect ending to a perfect day!
The beaches in St Augustine are simply beautiful, and the beach at Anastasia State Park is the best of the best.
Camping in the park runs about $28 per day & includes water & electric. Most all of the camp sites are well shaded. We brought along several fans & along with frequent dips in the Atlantic- stayed cool enough. The temperature in the tent with fans going at night was perfectly comfortable.
It was a great place to teach the boys how to catch waves. Parker was finally able to learn to surf and was just thrilled. The waves weren't great (it's August after all) but it was a terrifec way for them all to learn to paddle out & get a feel for surfing.
On our last evening we spotted 2 good sized sharks hunting in the very same surf where we had been playing, but it was time to pack it all up and go home anyway.
We also came across a rattlesnake on one of the trails at the camping area- so do remember to keep your eyes peeled and stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors! We view it as an opportunity to teach the boys more about nature & about respecting the dangers involved so that each experience can be an enjoyable one.

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