Friday, October 1, 2010


October 1st already and I didn't manage to get my blog post in for the month of September- well, it's not the only thing that didn't get done this month so I guess I'll have to just LET IT GO.......

ok, so September- we made a lot of cake! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen this month playing with fondant recipes (scored a GREAT one!- share later) I made my first official professional cake - two of them actually - for birthday's in boca grande.

Great time and I have to say- I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I learned more and most of all - the boys sure had a good time. They played with their own fondant for several hours at a time. If you need a way to keep the kids busy for awhile- give them a batch and plenty of cookie cutters and let them go-to-town.

basic recipe:

in microwave melt 1/2 bag of small mini marshmallows w/ 2 tsp water for 30 seconds- stir and heat for 30 seconds more- stir in (slowly) a couple of cups of powdered sugar until the fondant is able to be turned out onto a greased counter- GREASE your hands- and kneed in more powdered sugar (about 1/2 large bag total) for about 20 minutes- add desired food color & roll it out or shape into whatever your imagination wants! you may need to cool in fridge for awhile or even overnight

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