Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lookin For an Affordable E-Reader with Wy-Fi?

Can't quite afford the iPad?
Everyone I've talked to who own one of these eReaders just Love Love Loves them-

Speaking of LOVE... I happen to think it would make a very nice gift for a special Valentine! (Just around the corner)

If you are in the market for one of these eReaders-  you might as well buy them at the best price possible. The Nook from Barnes and Noble is a top rated reader. Buy it new from $159 here (click pic on left). More than 1 million titles- WiFi free at any AT&T  hot spot.

A good price on an eReader with decent ratings is this Augen 7-inch-
click on the pic to order. (Free shipping option available with the $105.00 purchase and trackable from Amazon shipping).

Web surfing, reading, and even text to voice with the lightweight Augen!

You can find Kobo's here- and again - look for the ones that qualify for the Amazon free shipping to score even more special savings & score lots of points with your special someone!

Great for students- these babies hold around 1400 books at a time- good for the soccer mom who stays on the go. Kobo comes with over 1.8 million free ebooks.

Need Accessories?

Happy Valentines Day Ya'll - and Happy Saving!

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