Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopping Adventurez!

Good Haul this week at Publix! (For those of you who don't have Publix- go to the ) You can find very similar savings for your Kroger. I plan my shopping list ahead of time via the site! There you can find weekly ads for the Publix BOGO's (buy one get one) and matching coupons.

I spent about $52 this week on groceries & household goods- I saved $75 !!!
Just GOTTA LOVE saving more than you spend!

This haul included FREE - Yakisoba Japanese Noodles- Publix sale - BOGO for $0.79 and I had 2 $0.50 off coupons (Publix is reimbursed by the manufacturer)

*we don't usually eat this product- we can either try it or donate it to the local food pantry- either way- the manufacturer is advertising their product- Publix gets paid- & I am saving MO MONEY!

Today I am headed to CVS to buy 4 bottles of Wisk laundry detergent for $2.00 -
I had 2/ $2 off coupons from prior purchase - I collected 2/ $2 off coupons in last Sundays paper-

CVS sale is - 2/ $10 - I buy 4 at $20
I spend $5 on paper towels (they cost a total of $0.63 each!) and because my cost is $25
I get $10 extra bucks (CVS extra bucks roll)

sooooooo- 4 Wisk @ $20 - 4/$2 off coupons= $12 on 4 Wisk - factor in $10 extra bucks and my total on the Wisk is only $2
Total spent for today is $7 -

Have a great day & Happy Saving!

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