Friday, February 11, 2011

Frugal Family Fun- Game Night

 Have you ever played Sequence or Sequence for Kids? Fun games. Even my little 5 yr. old "peanut" can play this one with a little help from me!
Six year old "skywalker" and "big bro" play on their own teams. We love this game. It doesn't take too long and the kids version can be enjoyed by adults!

                                                                            Of course, having a family full of comedians doesn't hurt when it comes to fun time. That's when it's OK to bring out all the "sillies" and just relax and enjoy! Often times for "Family Fun Night" we will have dinner together around the table and then play a favorite game (like Sequence) and then hang out and watch a movie in the family room.

Other times we will play one game after the other, but that can be a bit tougher when you still have younger ones who can't sit still or tollerate me taking them down  .....I mean winning. We find it easier to play a few rounds of a game or two and then change course.

Another fun activity for Family Fun is to get in the kitchen together for dinner and snack prep. Even the youngest family members can help wash potatoes or snap the ends off of peas. I even let them cut onions (cause I hate it- lol) with a regular table knife. I teach them that any knife can cut and they have to treat it just like a sharp one- but we haven't had any mishaps- and believe me, we would if it were easily done. Of course, I don't EVER leave them unsupervised- the whole point is for us all to be in the kitchen TOGETHER.

OK- this pic doesn't have anything to do with the post- but Gus is part of the family too- and isn't he cute? He is getting so old, but he still does his best to keep up with the boys! We don't let him help in the kitchen, but he is always willing to clean up a mess when the boys drop food!

30 different family games for your Wii - if you want to go electronic!

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MOV said...

I love this post. We just started doing Game Night every Tuesday, and it is something all four of us really look forward to. I like having the routine and continuity for our family to make sure we do this once/ week. So far, so good!