Friday, February 25, 2011

What do you get when you add 1 BROKEN SPOON + 1 SMOKING MIXER + 1 SINGLE PADDLE MIXER?=


 Broken spoon! I found this out because I had to grab a spoon to mix the batter when the NEW mixer started SMOKING!

Yup! SMOKE from the little motor! So I got out the trusty ole' "one paddle" broken old mixer (See the post called "How NOT to Bake a Cake" for that caketastrophie!)

Besides the above little challenges- I had to figure out how to make this..........

look something (sorta) like this...............

Yeah! THAT'S what I was thinking!!!

Did I mention I have NEVER covered a cake entirely in fondant? Well, this is actually just the top of the cake ...... but it was my first attempt at the task. It went O.K. ! WheW!

It worked out! Our little friend was happy with his car cake! (He was sold with the lemon fondant- his fave!)
The "Brownie Camping Cake" was also a hit (Note: the big smile!)

People actually thought all the little rocks were real- but it is fondant- my new toy! I don't know if you can see them, but there are a little pair of flip-flops sitting outside the tent- that's my favorite thing!
 (We are camping in Florida - after all!)

Once again, all's well that ends well! We had a great time celebrating special birthdays with special friends!


Jill said...

Amazing cake! Great job!

Young Adventures... said...

Love them both Kelli! I bet you get a lot of satisfaction seeing your cakes brings smiles to those adorable faces.

Kristi said...

I love that! You did a wonderful job! I'm going to be trying fondant for the first time on Friday and I'm SCARED! LOL!

Amanda said...

Great cakes! I have't gotten that brave yet.