Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventurez In Sailing!

"We're  Saaaail- ing" Remember the line from What About Bob?

I couldn't help but to think of that movie yesterday during our first ever sailing lesson. I say "our" lesson- I took the pictures while the kiddos learned.

What can I say? HOMESCHOOLING is AWESOME! It was a fantastic day out on Charlotte Harbor.


The kids had some instruction. There is a fantastic little syllabus that goes along with the class which provides a perfect introduction to the sport without overwhelming even the parents!

Big Big THANK YOU to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center for taking such good care of our young sailors. They had a ball & really learned a lot. We are all excited about doing more of it!

According to their flyer the purpose of the oganization is to : offer courses in Basic sailing and racing techniques to the public and designated youth groups. Also to promote safety and seamanship and to generate an interest in the sport of sailing.

They offer both Youth Sail Training, Family Sail, Adult Sail Training, and Disabled Sailing. They assist high school teams in local competitions and are U.S. Sailing certified instructors, classes are U.S. Sailing certified.

There are local races held weekly. Special event Regatta's include National Championships, Regional Championships, Match, Fleet racing and more.

A Family Membership is just $140 and gives families access to the boats on a regular basis. There are Junior Memberships for just $45 per year.

All of the instructors whom we had contact with were extremely patient and worked well with the kids. It was obvious to me that each of them were there simply to share a love of sailing. They provided a welcoming, educational, and fun fun fun environment. I want to go every day!

Contact them at (941) 627-6650  or email 

We didn't have to pay a cent for our very special introduction to sailing. Special thank you to Jenny Khor and Jenn Perry for making the arrangements for our homeschool group! AWESOME - best ever field trip!

p.s. :

This good lookin fella stood guard over the proceedings all day. The Great Blue Heron is
seen regularly in this area and is one of my favorites.

The instructors are all well trained volunteers. I am sure that the joy on the faces of the children is all the thanks they really need. LOL- what a grump! (This is a before pic- thankfully, he cheered righ up once out on the water!)


ThaiHoa said...

I love your photos! They look beautiful. That is awesome that you guys get to enjoy activities like that for homeschool children.

Kristi said...

That looks so fun!!! Ok, we're going to have to do something fun like that!!

Holly Ann said...

That looks like so much fun!! I hope we can do things like that when our children are a bit older!

By the way, stop on by my blog this week to enter to win a $10 Subway Giftcard!

Tamara said...

Hey thanks for the follow! If you're interested stop by and link up with my Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Have a great day!

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

I'm a sailor! I sail! I'm Saaaaailing! LOL One of my fave movies of all time.
Following you back.

kelli said...

This is so wonderful. I really need to find some things around our area that involve kids in activities and learning. We are unfortunately land locked where we are, so no sailing classes. But, your right hurray for homeschooling and being able to add this to it.