Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gifts From a Friend-

"Life in a Barn"  is my new favorite blog friend- Kelli (fabulous name) is a fellow homeschool mom that I've "met" through the network at The Post. You can find them both through the links here - click the link above for Kelli's blog - and I've provided the link for The Post below.

The Post is a collection of Homeschool bloggers who provide tips and information that is extremely valuable for  homeschool families, but could actually benefit any parent. I encourage you to check out both of these blogs as soon as you get a chance! I just love them and get them both on my RSS feed & to my Google homepage so that I don't miss a thing!

Neither Kelli or myself had ever participated in a homeschool swap before - I think we made a perfect pair because we just weren't sure what to expect. I for one, got way more than I bargained for!

Not only did this lovely woman send me the world's best brownies- but I also received a new set of BINDERS! (anyone who has read me for very long knows I'm a BINDER freak)
What Kelli didn't know is that I had picked up a set just like it at Sam's Club just 2 days prior & put them back on the shelf because I still needed to mail out her items! Isn't that the funniest thing? Loved it.

The best part of all is that we initially filled out some general information sheets about our families and interests- and since have emailed more detailed information and have been reading each others blogs. We pray for each other - and we support each other. I have a new friend. Love it! 

The Post holds the swaps fairly regularly - I encourage you to get involved. I think you too will be pleasantly surprised.  At the very least - it is fun to exchange with another family from a different place. If you are as lucky as I was- you can make a real blog friend!

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!


Jill said...

How fun! Make me wish I were a homeschooler. So glad you made another new friend.

Jill said...

Dear Kelli:
Thank you so MUCH for your beautiful story and comments on my blog and for sending me that link. I read it, loved it and commented on it. YOU are a VERY special lady on many levels!
God Bless YOU!

Mary said...

Can non-home schoolers join?


kelli said...


Thank you so much. I am so glad you loved the brownies. That is awesome about the binders. I actually got those from Sam's. I am so glad we met. God Bless you guys and your adventures.