Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Forget to Check the Pork Chops...: Shish-Kabobs

Don't Forget to Check the Pork Chops...: Shish-Kabobs : "Mom's creative ideas has discovered a new lunch time favorite for my little Madison…. Shish-Kabobs! Not the grown-up version with beef..."

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Looking for some fun food to make with your kids? Check out this fun idea from a new blog called "Don't Forget to Check the Pork Chops" and don't forget to read how she came up with the title for her blog cause it is so cute!

These kid-friendly shish-kabobs are going to be a hit at my house for sure! She used easy- peasy chicken nuggets & chunks of fruit and good stuff the kids can add themselves.

I think I love the fact that you can tweak this idea to fit your family any way your little heart desires! I'm going to use some "healthy" chicken nuggets, some little grape tomatoes, oven baked little red potato's and whatever other fresh yummies need to be used from our garden & fridge!

What are your ideas for this fun recipe?


AmyD said...

Thanks for sharing my blog with your blog followers. I love your idea of the potatoes and the grape tomatoes. We are planting our first garden, Madison and I, we are doing one raised bed. I will blog about it I am sure. I love your blog. Great ideas, content and stories. I love how followers can rate the posts.

Young Adventures... said...

A very fun idea Kelli, would be great for a party. I think a cheese/fruit/veggie one would go over well with my family.

Susan S said...

Great idea! Why is it that things just taste better when you eat them off a stick?

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I agree- things are just better on a stick! lol (the kids certainly think so!)