Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Flubbed Recipe- The World's Ugliest Cupcakes- & My All Time Favorite Egg Project!

 We started with a lovely idea to make our own semi-homemade little pizza's. It was a good idea.........   in theory.

We (sorta) made homemade sauce by blending canned tomato's and adding Italian spices. It had a great flavor. We loved it.

We like little sandwich rounds and  I had plenty of them on hand, so we decided to use them for our crust.
We grated  fresh mozzarella cheese & added pepperoni on top.
They looked beautiful! 
 Like I said, lovely theory! 

      The problem was that our yummy semi-homemade sauce was just a bit too moist for the sandwich rounds.
 They were mushy. 
 I don't know about you, but mushy pizza just really doesn't do it for me! 

I maintain, it was a good idea...... in theory. I would however, recommend that you use small bagels - like we have successfully done- in the past. You just slice them in half, add you're toppings  & they make perfect little bagel bites! 

Moving on!

I don't know exactly what's going on with me lately.
Suffice it to say
 I'm a bit "off my game".
(Which is why)  This week we also created the
world's ugliest cupcakes.

Can I get a drum roll please........


I  really just don't even know what to say about these cupcakes.

 I could tell you that I had help, but I wouldn't just throw my husband under the bus like that.

O.K. - I would. 

A little advice from the "what NOT to do" in the cupcake baking department:

Don't leave your husband and son in charge & run to take a shower! And, if they ask you what to do when they run out of room in the little cupcake tray- DON'T suggest that they just "figure it out". 

DO be sure to check the timer
 so that your cupcakes do not get over cooked
(and end up with a big brown crunchy mushroom top)  and finally...

DON'T try to ice them when they are still warm!

One last little tidbit- you cannot just trim off the crunchy mushroom top. Don't even try.

We'll chalk this up to:
Every day is a learning experience when you homeschool!

I was seriously overdue for a successful project.

I decided to do my very best to channel Martha Stewart
(instead of Lucille Ball- for a change)

We tried "blowing eggs". It's a little tricky. But, if I can pull it off....
well, anyone can! The boys even helped- they did a great job.

First, I poked holes in each end of the eggs. I ended up using the very tip of a small pair of scissors. The needle I had intended to use was just not strong enough or easy to grab. The toothpick I tried was just not sharp enough. So, little scissors did the trick. I very slowly & carefully pierced each end with a tiny hole.

Then, I stuck the needle up into the egg to break up the yolk
 (toothpick was a bit too thick). I also shook it up really good to bust it all up inside.  


Then, we each took an egg and slowly but surely began to blow out the insides.

(We saved the yolk in a jar to use later- maybe on some cupcakes)

After washing each egg carefully, we added the
blown eggs to a cooled pot
of onion skins to get a "natural dye" look to them.

I love the color - It is a fresh spring- yellowish color!
We also colored some eggs the old fashioned way- with a "Paas kit."

"Robin's Egg Blue" is what I was going for (in case you want to know)

I added some clear glitter to a few of them,
and a touch of silver glitter
to a couple just to keep it interesting
(and I couldn't make up my mind)

And now, without further "ado" -

My All Time Favorite Egg Project results:

(I do have a secret little plan for these eggs-
but THAT is for another post)

 I hope your week has been full of great family time
& some projects - more successful than mine!

 I hope that by sacrificing my pride-
I can give you a little chuckle.

And, I hope you all remember the real reason we are celebrating
is because Jesus made the ultimate
sacrifice so that we might live!

Happy Easter Friends!


Jill said...

Very, very funny. It's nice to know others have their "off" days too. Your eggs are so pretty!

Amanda said...

Oh that did make me chuckle. We all have days like that, at least I know that I have.

Young Adventures... said...

Thanks for sharing Kelli! This post made me laugh and brought a smile to my face. :) I love your eggs, especially the ones with the onion skins. I want to try natural egg dying, maybe next year.

Tonya said...

But how did the cupcakes taste?? LOL. Your blown out eggs are beautiful. One year my stepmother blew out eggs then made jello eggs with the shells - they probably have some little doo dad contraption now to avoid the egg blowing part.

Kay said...

The cupcakes made me smile. Gooey frosting and jellybeans on crisp cupcakes is a dessert that you usually only find in homes that contain happy children. Your kids will have fond memories of cooking. :)

Happy Wednesday!