Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Week (in the great) Outdoors

    Our Week Outdoors! I like this link-up! It "jives" really well with our family adventures & I am happy I found it via "Mama Pea Pod". If you haven't been to her blog - you have to check it out! Just click on the Outdoor Play pic & you'll go right to it. You can also learn more about linking up in the weekly "Outdoor Play" link-up.

Without further ado- Here's a glance at our week outdoors:

Osprey in flight- We watched this guy fly around while he was looking for a snack for quite awhile!

We  went for a boat ride & daddy got a little "snooze" time.

 W - swam & explored in the Gulf.

We walked on the beach and looked for sea shells.

P- Road his bike & practiced jumping his ramp.

W. & S. both caught quite a few bugs this week (as usual).

O.K. - technically this shot was taken indoors- but, it is a pic of us washing our beautiful sea shell collection that came from our walk  & I just had to show ya!

We also went to the pool a couple of times to swim.
We had a nice week & .....

The Osprey got his snack!


Young Adventures... said...

Oh what fun Kelli! We have sunshine today and I am loving it!!

Jill said...

What a wonderful week you had! May you have many more lovely outdoor moments.

Tonya said...

Is that THE SUN I see? Wow, what's that ;) I love this link up - I'll have to give it a try if it ever stops raining here in N.H. Love the pix of the osprey! Have a good week!

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

What a wonderful week. It looks so beautiful where you are. I miss the ocean. We recently moved from the beautiful northern tropics in Australia to the very chilly capital.

Thank you for sharing your week with us on Outdoor Play. Hope to see you again next week.

Mama Pea Pod said...

Oh, what a fun week! I love your pictures, what a beautiful place to live! (Is it Florida?) So glad you linked up to Outdoor Play, and thanks for the lovely words about my blog (blush). I do hope you'll be back next week to share again!

AmyD said...

You are so fun -- I love all the outdoor activity.

Frugal in Florida said...

I love the shells on the West coast! Scared me the first time as they were still alive, not like the east coast! Isn't it so cool that the kids get to do that??