Saturday, June 25, 2011

fastest way to clear out a resort hot tub......

Just send our boys in first!
We found out first hand this week on our little "impromptu"
family getaway that it works like a charm.

Being the kind of people who usually tend to go the opposite
direction of the "crowd" at the beach
(or anywhere else for that matter)

. . . I was a bit concerned when I saw all the people enjoying the hot tub
which I was intending to inhabit -
as it turned out though,
my worries were completely unfounded.

Our boys can clear out a hot tub faster than you can say

"C*A*N*N*O*N- B*A*L*L"!

It all started innocently enough- we found a few days
 in a row where the hubs
was available (ie: not working, available, blank calender)

So, I did a little research and . . .we were off across the state.

We passed by field after field of sugar cane.
The whole world buys their sugar from the state of Florida!
(never mind that it has destroyed the natural habitat)

One of the MAIN reasons I wanted to head across the state is to explore
the South Florida Science Museum.

(we get in free with our ASTC program- see THIS post & you can too-
just scroll down to #10 & get the 411 on Nation wide Science Center Fun)

The South Florida Science Museum did NOT disappoint!

BUGS & Leeches. . . .

Mummies & Sharks . . . . .  

We even met a wonderful Vietnam Veteran - named Jerry -
 who (patiently)
taught each of the boys how to send a message via
"morse code"

They even got a little certificate as a souvenir of their accomplishment!

I'll have to do a full post on JUST the science center -
 cause it's awesome!

We headed on to our destination. . . .

Palm Beach Shores Resort  on Singer Island was beautiful.

There were a lot of people (even in the off season) 
but, as you read in the beginning of the post -
they didn't bother us much! evidence:

. . . boys playing in hot tub =  no people-

(I formally apologize to anyone whom they may have offended
we will not be bothering you again any time soon!
Thank you for your understanding. . .)

It was most definitely worth the incredible  
"Florida Resident" deal that I got from their site-
it beat all the "priceline" deals and so forth-
$109 per night - on the beach- full kitchen - one bedroom -
pull out  couch & did I mention full kitchen?
We cooked all our meals to save a bundle!

back to the FUN stuff.........

We swam & played until we couldn't play any more!
We enjoyed a late dinner (in our own little kitchen)
and headed off for an evening walk through the nearby park & shops.

We slept well in our little place- the hotel staff even brought us a
 roll-a-way bed for no extra charge.

The next day we headed off to the nature center at

It wasn't a big nature center- but it was nice & they are expanding.
It was Free with park admission ($5 for 1 car load)
definately worth the price!

W. made fast friends with a king snake (rarely seen anymore in Florida)
I actually hate - HATE - snakes, but don't like to see any of our species or their
natural habitats destroyed.

It was hot, so we enjoyed an air-conditioned
"car picnic" before heading over to the
most awesome


 Let me just say . . . as much as I abhore snakes . . .

I  ADORE Sea Turtles! ! !

How could I NOT adore them?

They are incredible!

Learn more about them - and how to protect them

After the family pulled me away from my beloved sea turtles. . .

We headed back down the street to the John D. MacArthur SP
and took a golf cart tram down the beautiful
long wooden boardwalk - across scenic waterways
and out to the 2 time
National Gold Medal Winning beach-

Where we spent the rest of the day
snorkeling and chasing little reef fish like this guy:

We ended the day with another dip in the pool -
cleared out OUR hot tub & enjoyed
a simple dinner in our room!

It was a perfect evening for a stroll on the beach
where we discovered some incredible sand castles

Walked down to the pier-


We even managed a family photo!

We packed so much into just a few days- This was just a peek at the first 2 days!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about Lion Country Safari
and our kayaking adventure on Sanibel Island with cousins!

This post is linked with The Outdoor Play link up - and is part of
my "Our Week in the Great Outdoors" series!

and . . .


Jill said...

Ok...I wasn't sure what to expect when I read your title, Kelli. ;) This was really funny. Your get away looks like it was wonderful. How I envy all of the water you have available. Glad you had a good time!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Wow, looks like a really fabulous holiday! We are big fans of renting places with kitchens and usually rent a little apartment when we travel for that reason - so much easier with kids!

Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play again - and what a lovely family photo by the way!

Amanda said...

Kelli- You plan your trips the way that we do. The last few times we have gone anywehere we hunt down the best hotel price we can get for a room with a full kitchen. It's so much easier to bring food and cook. We shoot for a hotel that has free breakfast, eat lunch out if we have to (it's definitely cheaper than dinner) and then cook in our rooms. It has worked out beautifully. We also use our Zoo pass to get in free at other places. I love that with the year membership you can get in to so many places, and not only those in your own state.

Delaney said...

Looks like so much fun!

Jen said...

that museum looks really interesting :) bless that man :)

as does that marine life centre :)

incredible sandcastle alright!!!

wish you could send a little of that over heat over here - its 7C (44.6F) here today brrrrrrrr!!!

learning table said...

Your adventures look like so much fun! We always try to get a place with a kitchen when we travel, too. It is so much easier and less expensive to cook than it is to go out (especially with three hungry boys!) We usually eat out one time as a treat, or just get an ice cream somewhere. Spaghetti and breakfast for supper are my tried and true vacation meals.

Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Your family is adorable! Yay for boys!

Simplifying in the South said...

What an awesome way to spend a few free days! Wow, you guys managed to see and do a lot of great things. Great pictures. I am a big fan of sea turtles too!

Laura's Last Post: Preoccupied Summer

Young Adventures... said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Kelli! I love staying at resorts where we can cook our own meals. Can't wait to hear more. said...

i LOVE LION COUNTRY SAFARI, AND SANIBEL. THIS FLORIDA GIRL ENJOYED YOUR POST & am planning on checking out some of your great places here. Thanks for sharing.