Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy Day Up-cycle Crafts

What to do when it's rainy (or too HOT) to go outside?
Look around the house for some craft ideas!
We found an old candle in need of a new purpose.
We put it in the freezer to get it out of it's container
(once it was sorta frozen we were able to chip away at it)

We painted the inside of a seashell a
water blue kind of color and reused the
old wick from the original candle:

We placed the chips of wax into the shell:

We added a few drops of food color we had on hand:

We used the microwave to melt the wax little at a time!

It looks kindof like the ocean in a storm!
(My 5 yr. old decided)

I know it isn't the most beautiful craft in the world.
(or even in the house)
But, it kept my 5 yr. old interested for quite awhile-
it provided us with some good one-on-one time
and it was a way to reuse things we already have.

My son is very proud of his work- and THAT means

We've made some other things you might like to take a look at:

We painted a med/small cardboard box - mom and dad cut out
doors and windows- and we glued on the "tile" roof!

Skulpey Clay napkin rings!
We cut the stars with cookies cutters- and we just
rolled the rings trying to keep them similar in size.

Nature Journals anyone?
A little scrapbook paper can really dress up a
regular old Composition notebook!
We cut the bird by hand after drawing it
with a pencil!

Cardboard box kitchen!
full instructions under the crafts button at top of
the blog. Anyone can do it! easy-

Seashell mobile/chimes using shells that had
holes in them (naturally grown that way)-
sticks from the back yard-
and colorful embroidery thread-
(from mom's stash of hardly ever used needle work)
sticks tied together with fishing line
(from dad's stash of fishing gear!)

What can you find around the house that might
need a new life?
Don't be afraid for it to not be perfect-
the kids don't care!

*any instructions "missing" here can most likely be found
by using the Crafts tab at the top of the page-
if you have any questions please don't hesitate
to ask! (or input for that matter) :)


Erika said...

Visiting from the HHH! Absolutely LOVE your craft stuff- especially the candle and shell! How creative! I'll have to keep that in mind!

Jill said...

The shell candle is a really cool idea...as are all of your crafts!

Mama Forestdweller said...

That cardboard box kitchen is so cool! What a great idea...

Jen @ Gricefully Homeschooling said...

Love the composition notebook/nature book cover idea!!! I just bought several and was thinking about putting chalk board paint on the front but I like your idea WAY better!! Good first day of school craft project!

Following back! Thanks for checking out my page. =)

Jimmie said...

These are some fantastic ideas! My daughter loves sculpey clay. I will have to show her these napkin rings. Great idea!

Amanda said...

Cute idea! IT did look kind of like a stormy ocean.

Lisa said...

Great craft ideas! I love the cardboard box kitchen!

Callie said...

Wow! I love the kitchen and the journal! Adorable!

Tonya said...

Kelli, I just love the ocean in a storm comment from your son. What a smart little guy! I'd love anything that would keep my six and three year old boys entertained for a while.

PS - I've given you a blog award. Stop by and check it out!

Rusheika said...

this is a great post! some awesome ideas!! off to pin some for a rainy day!