Thursday, September 29, 2011

Years Gone By- Handmade Halloween

Two wild indians and a super "ninja" !

Instead of going to the walmart and spending money on costumes
 that probably wouldn't last - I did it like we did when I was a kid-
 I made them!

 The ninja was easy with a shirt and tights from my closet
(I sewed him into the shirt so the neck wouldn't be too loose).

I made the Indian outfits with a yard of $3.00 fabric and a small
 container of beads.

I cut about a 3 inch strip of the "faux- suede" and just used a
sharp pair of scissors to cut it horizontally about 2 - 2 1/2 inches
 across to make fringe.

 Y'all, I did not even pay attention to how closely each cut was
 spaced from the next. I am sure there are far craftier mama's out
 there who can tell you how to do that, but I'm an "eyeball it and go"
 kind of gal!

I used an older pair of "comfy sport" pants that were ready for
goodwill and just hand stitched the homemade fringe along the side.

I stood the boys up and "measured"
 (read: eyeballed)
 how much material I needed to fit across their bodies and
then cut 2 rectangles out for each of them. I cut more fringe
along the sides and the bottom edges of these flaps.

 At the top, I simply folded it over by about 1 1/2 inches
and used  a matching thread to sew it closed - leaving about a
1 inch gap that I could run a string/rope/belt through to tie around
their waists and let the flaps hang down on each side.

I strung  colorful beads onto some thread and then stitched them along
 the top edge just to give it a little something. I did the same across the top
 piece- which was simply another rectangle with fringe cut along the edges
 and a hole cut in the center for their little Indian heads to stick through.

With a quick trip to the dollar store
(I'm a fan)
for a few accessories- the transformations were complete.

I had grandiose ideas that I'd have a couple of Indians and a Cowboy-
 or maybe
even three little Indians-
 but, 'lil dude insisted on being a Ninja for our town Fall Festival.

It was amazingly "non-control freakish" of me, I know.
I'm not saying it was easy but, I managed and the boys were happy.
Who am I to complain?

 What a blast! They were so cute- and we had loads of compliments
on the costumes. This was several years ago, and guess what?
 The boys still play with these costumes! Best $7 bucks ever spent-

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Jill said...

So cute! Homemade costumes are the best!

Joanna said...

Those look fantastic! My mom always made awesome costumes for us, but I've yet to have a good year... This year I'm just making 3 - one for hubs, me and the baby. The preschooler's costume is purchased... the rest of us won't stress if ours aren't awesome LOL

Jackie said...

I loved making my own kids their costumes, it brought out the creative side of me. The ones you made for your kids are so it