Thursday, October 13, 2011

#31 days of Exploring God's Creation - Day 13 - Nature School

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I'm participating in a #31days of . . . series 
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There are actually hundreds of 
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challenge to dig a little deeper by 
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Throughout the month of October 
I'll be bringing you posts about
"Exploring God's Creation"
Getting the Family Out in the Great Outdoors

Day #13 - Lets talk about a little thing I like to call-
"Nature School" -  One of our favorite ways to have school is in the outdoors 

While it may not seem like the "correct" way to do school - and it certainly isn't the 
conventional method- I've found that our boys retain a whole lot more of the 
information we are studying this way. Maybe it's the activity while they are learning.
Maybe it's the hands on approach that works well for boys. 
Maybe it's the fresh air and sunshine! But, it works for us. 

Australians say that children who go barefoot and get dirty are smarter than other kids. 
Griffin Longely, chief executor or Nature Play WA 
(Western Australia) - states in the article
"Our childhood used to be an outdoor, imaginative, free ranging experience" 
And that today it has become an "indoor sedentary experience". 

The realization that I couldn't just "turn my kids loose" to play in the outdoors 
is what prompted our journey as a family - back to nature. 
I didn't want them to miss out on what had been some of the best of my childhood. 

 With boys in particular, I find it difficult to have them sit all day long at a desk to learn.
They learn better when they are happy. They are happier outside. It may be the 
natural light- or the fresh air- or a combination of both- but, for my family it is a fact. 
We certainly don't spend all day - every day out in nature. 
Sometimes we go to nature centers! (I thought that was pretty funny) 

Although we do actually learn about more than just the things we find in nature!
You can read great literature outside too- We love reading in the shade of a tree. 
Math can even be done with a stick in the sand - or by counting acorns or sea shells. 

I'd like to encourage you today to grab a pencil and a notebook and head outside.
Have the kids sketch a picture or two - read a story under a shade tree. 
Relax and enjoy your school time (if you homeschool) or just the outdoor family 
time (if you don't) and take a moment to look around and appreciate God's creation. 

We're heading off on an adventure in the great outdoors. 
Somebody has a birthday - and it's 
This Guy: 

Yup, he's my silly one- And, for his birthday we'll be doing his favorite thing-
CAMPING! This time it's just mama and the boys! 

I'm sure we'll have new pictures and we'll be learning new things as we study 
God's Creation together in the great outdoors!

Job 35: 11

"Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth, 
and makes us wiser than the fowls of heaven." 

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Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

I'm loving all of these #31 days posts! I absolutely agree that there is SO much more to learning than sitting in a desk all day! There are things to see and do and feel and experience. I'm so encouraged by this post! What a beautiful world our God created for us to explore!

Kelli @ Life in a Barn said...

So, how was the camping trip? I so agree with Becky, I am loving these posts of yours. Keep em coming.

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Thank you both! So very encouraging - I needed it more than you know!