Saturday, October 22, 2011

#31 days of Exploring God's Creation - Day 22 - Field Guides

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and Darcy of "My3boybarians" along with others you can see here- 

Day #22 - Field Guides 

If you aren't  fortunate enough to have a husband who is full of (what I like to call) "useless information"-
you are most likely going to need a field guide or two to identify flora and fauna found in nature.
(Guess that means his never ending stream of tid-bits aren't so "useless" after all- 
but don't mention that I said so or it will ruin my little on-going joke with him)  

Wood Stork (who was NOT very co-operative)

Here are a few of our all time favorites: 

A great  site to help get your family interested in exploring- Listen to Mystery Rangers free
Get the book- The Case of the Missing Mountain (Mystery Rangers)

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Have a beautiful weekend exploring with your family!


Jill said...

Love that wood stork. I've never seen one before.

Sheri said...

I am a huge nature buff and would have loved to tag along.

The wood stork is a really neat bird. Not sure if I have seen one before or not.