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31days of Exploring God's Creation- Day 2- Natures Stimulus Package

Welcome to Day #2 of the Series:
31 days of . . . Exploring God's Creation!
I'm so very glad you're here. 

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Day 2: 


Years ago I read a fabulous book that just spoke to my heart. 
(we come across those once in awhile - don't we?) 

If you saw my first 31days post- here -  you know I have 
such fond memories of my own "outdoor childhood" that I could
not imagine my children not enjoying the same benefits I reaped
 from time spent in the great outdoors. 

When my firstborn was just a babe - I picked up Richard Louv's 
"Last Child In The Woods" and - it changed my life. 


Well . . . OUR life. 

I've always been a protective parent
 (I homeschool for goodness sakes) 
There are very few places these days where I'd allow the boys
to run freely and evidently,  I'm not alone.

 In his book- Louv coined the term "nature deficit disorder"
He sites that changes which have taken place in our society
 over the past few generations have pulled people from the 
outdoors and placed them firmly indoors- behind the computer,
 the game system. . . you get the idea.
 We're living in a different society today than even just a few years back.

 (I don't think I have to convince bloggers of that notion - now do I?) 

This isn't a book review- I'm not going to try to discuss the merits of 
"Last Child in the Woods" - but dude, it's good. I think you'd like it!

I titled this post "Natures Stimulus Package" because that is what 
Richard Louv says it takes to beat "Nature Deficit Disorder"-

(Yes, this means I am shamelessly steeling his buzz words for
 my title- I'm thinking he'll be proud and appreciate me spreading 
the message which seems to permeate both of our lives) 

The point is- there are so many benefits in getting your family 
back to nature. 

My goal is to inspire you. I know you want the best for your family
just as I do mine. 
We sacrifice for them; we pray over them. We agonize over 
decisions we make concerning them. We need to get them outside! 


Really cool thing is. . . it doesn't have to cost you anything but a 
little time. It lowers your stress, and ignites their creativity!

 (hello benefits)

My boys have worked wonders with just ordinary 'ole sticks!

Let's talk about sticks. 

You can pick them up right off the ground.  They're good support

for walkin in the woods. 

They can become swords with which ones uses to slay dragons!
. . . Or they can be guns while on safari . . . 


Sticks make fabulous end pieces on the scroll style treasure maps
 made from old paper grocery bags just perfect for the treasure hunt 
you have in the back yard.

Sticks are good for roasting marshmallows to go on yummy smores!

You can break them into small pieces and use a glue gun to 
create small houses or manger's for a Christmas ornament. 
You can use them to make wind chimes with colorful string
and some shells- or whatever you find to hang from it.

They can become fishing poles, homemade bow and arrows, or be used
to carry a knapsack. (Ho-Bo handmade Halloween costume anyone?)

Bundle them and decorate a picture frame for an inexpensive gift the kids
will be proud they helped make- like this one I found on Pinterest: 
(LOVE it - LOVE Pinterest!) 

twig frame

Gather them and throw 'em in a hole in the back yard and enjoy some
family time around the fire in the great outdoors.

Sticks! Who knew? 

Of course, there's always pine cones . . . 

Don't even get me started about pine cones!!!

*I added the link I found here on Amazon in case you want to take
a look at that book (not working for them- I just think everyone should read it) 

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Jessica Lynette said...

I'll have to look for that book. One book I LOVE (and my 31 day theme is really an off shoot of too- funny we both did that!!) is Romancing Your Child. It's excellent and also strongly encourages getting your kids outside.

My boys and I spent 5 hours outside today cheering on runners on a 50K race (my husband was in it.) The boys LOVED playing in the dirt and the surrounding woods and then yelling and cheering on the runners.

Taking kids to sporting events to cheer on other people is my all time favorite way of teaching them to encourage others :)

Looking forward to reading your series!

Tonya said...

Love, love that book! It spoke to me as well!

Anonymous said...

Just put the book on hold at the library. I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors (mostly at the pool!) and my toddler loves to be outside. But, I am not a big fan of her playing around in the dirt. And I hate bugs. So, it's a challenge for me to let her loose outside. I sure hope this book can help me move past my fears.