Saturday, October 15, 2011

#31days of Exploring God's Creation - Day 15 - When Cats Attack

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 Day #15 - When Cats Attack 
Here's what happened. . .

When Adventurer Kim G. Jones, author of  "The Case of the Missing Mountain" was hiking
along the Mt. St. Helen Hummocks Trail - she was both startled and intrigued as she came
upon not one, but several TIGERS "devouring" their prey! 

Being the brave explorer that she is, fearless, grace under pressure,  responsible to her
audience and the listeners of the "Mystery Rangers Radio Adventures" , Ranger Kim did
 what any explorer with her experience, keen eye, and steady hand would do. . . .

Silently peeking through the grasses- she shot . . .

The most beautiful pictures of these little weed munchers!

At "The Nature Tour" - Ranger Kim, Explorer Extraordinaire, introduces you to the
 remarkable creature known as the "Cinnabar Caterpillar" .

Learn more about this fascinating insect and the miraculous super power it possesses on
the site where Ranger Kim shares her excursions. You'll be entertained and amazed at
how such a tiny creature packs a powerful punch-

 and the caterpillars are pretty cool too!  *snort*

It isn't necessary to journey to far away lands in order to enjoy
exploring the beauty of God's creation. 
One only has to open their eyes and notice the marvels that abound in nature.

What interesting creatures are lurking in your neighborhood (or nearby parks)?
Have you examined the critters munching on weeds and flowers in your region?

You just might be surprised at what curious traits they exhibit!

If you want to Explore God's Creation with your family this week, check out
Ranger Kim's story here and  head outside to shoot your own beautiful pictures!

- then simply "google away"- if you have a problem identifying something- email me
and I'll do my best to help ya find out what you've discovered on your adventure!

We can all be Explorers!  
I happen to think it makes the Creator happy when we take the time to investigate
the details of His masterpiece. Don't you? 

Job 35: 11

"Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth, 
and makes us wiser than the fowls of heaven." 

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Amy said...

Recently my youngest came in with a green bug climbing up his arm and said to me, "Mom, isn't this awesome." I told him it would be awesome if he would take it back outside, but I love that he and the others are little explorers. Don't we all need to be a bit like that.

AMY @ Missional Mama

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

oh Amy, I can SO relate~

MJ said...

We encountered something interesting the other day. We saw a very strange looking wasp--almost like a dragon fly, swoop down and sting or paralyze a caterpillar on the ground. We didn't hang around to see what happened next because the wasp started flying towards us, obviously annoyed we were there. Still need to look it up, but it was so cool!!!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

MJ- I love that about your little family, that you take the time to investigate even the little things!:)

Kim said...

Wow Kelli! You are very talented with words! Love your wit and wisdom! You and your family are a wonderful blessing to me!

It has been great fun meeting you all online! Keep up the wonderful adventures and writing! Thanks so much for sharing about the Mt. St. Helens adventures!

Fellow adventurer -- Kim Jones (: