Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#31days of Exploring God's Creation - Day 18- Stopping to Smell the Wildflowers

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Welcome to day #18 -of "Exploring God's Creation"

Stopping To Smell the Wildflowers: 

On our camping trip this past week, we had some wonderful quiet family time to 
simply stop and smell the wildflowers! They may not be fancy like roses, but there is something
refreshing about the fact that they just grow where they grow because they are supposed to! 
Know what I mean???

Luke 12:27 
"Consider how the wildflowers grow. They do not labor or spin. 
Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor, was dressed as one of these."

 I'm  thankful that all three of my energetic, rugged, dirty faced little boys can appreciate their beauty!!!


It may not last forever, but for now, they are perfectly willing to stop their running- just for awhile, 
and consider the flowers which grow in the fields - to "oooooh and aaaaaah" with mommy
over some pretty weeds; to discuss the vivid colors and abundant variety 

and even maybe take the time to see who lives nearby. . . . .

"Exploring God's Creation" is SO about the lovely little details He shaped for you and me! 

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Craig said...

Kelli, before I began blogging I knew of exactly 1 homeschooler EVER. Now, I know so many. I used to stand in absolute awe of the smarts, the savvy, the brilliance, and the love of homeschooling moms. I would think that might have subsided by now – but it never does. The flowers? Beautiful. Showing your children God's creation – 1000 shades full of awesome. "And who lived nearby" – it WAS an adventure. I hearted it. Thank you. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

Jill said...

I LOVE this, Kelli! Without wildflowers, we would have no flowers. I love that your boys appreciate them too. :)

Hoping this entry works...crossing fingers....

Tonya said...

Well, for weeds, they sure are pretty! It's nice to see some purple when everything here up north is becoming browner by the day!

Theresa said...

beautiful photos. I don't take nearly enough time to stop and smell the roses...I do find that carrying my camera around helps me to look at the little details a little more.

Laura said...

Beautiful. :) I love the idea of slowing down and enjoying the details in nature. Pretty flowers!

Rebecca said...

Kelli, what beautiful words....and reminder to stop and just enjoy this creation we have been given. To find the joy in that moment of the bee...the flowers, I can almost go there...while here, at this moment, the rain is pouring...and while I can't go out, I sit in the peace the overwhelms from it! Loving getting to know you!!!