Friday, November 4, 2011

3in30 - November Goals

3in30 I'm In!!  Have you seen the 3 in 30 Making Your Goals a Reality challenge?

I've been dabbling with it - I cannot really describe it any other way because I certainly have
not jumped in with both feet (yet). I've danced around it.  I'm warming up!

Throughout the month of October, most of my efforts outside of family and homeschool were
concentrated on the #31 days of Exploring God's Creation  series. It was a lot of work- but I
have thoroughly enjoyed digging in to the topic in order to share our passion for learning in the
great outdoors with you. It is my ongoing goal to help families realize the benefits of 
getting outside together, and encourage you to use it to help your children get to know 
more about their Creator! 

So, my goals for November- I have such a hard time "paring" them down- I have so many things
which need immediate improvement! In researching the 3 in 30 site, I read through the general how-to
information on setting your goals and was reminded to begin with the most important 
and BE SPeCiFic! 

In November I will : (I suddenly have the urge to raise my right hand)

1. Do my Bible reading daily both personally, and with the children.
         To ensure that I don't cheat, I've signed on with Mom's Toolbox  to read through Proverbs
         this month I am blogging about it on my secret blog:  Unendingrace just to keep myself accountable
         and to take me further towards discovering what God wants from me personally.
         Y'all are welcome to read it - but keep it just between us OK?

2. Take steps to improve my health!
         During October, I gathered information, made contacts with some wonderful women who have
         encouraged me and one who has become both a prayer partner and an advisor!  Thank you-
         Carrie for hitting your knees and coming up along side of  me as God brings me closer to my full
         and complete healing from the grips of RA. I know it is not His will for me to live in pain every
         day! And, you know what? I think friendship and sharing improves health as well !

        So, with Carrie's help and with information I've gathered (and probably a bit of those wonderful
        essential oils from Young Living Oil Lady ) I have laid out a specific plan to make improvement
        this month which include- Drinking at least 3 big water's each day (yes, I know they say 8 of
        the 8 oz glasses are what we need- but, my glasses are bigger than that & my body might go into
        shock or into complete rebellion if I write it down any differently) Did I mention that I HATE
        drinking water? It's a big deal for me- crazy, I know. Don't tell.
        Until now, I've been counting the ice in my Coke Zero as water  intake so, believe me-
        this is progress!

        Further steps towards improving my health include cutting back on white processed foods
        (like sugar, and flour) I've known I needed to do this, but I've been using sugar as a substitute for
       all the natural adrenaline and serotonin and the dopamine my body has burned up due to pain. It's
       true, I am weak. Sugar gives me a chemical reaction immediately that gives relief for just a moment.
       The consequences are that the sugar further messes with my immune system, which is already
       attacking my body in the first place. I have a battle ahead y'all, please pray for me when you think
       of it. I desire to be my best me- for the Lord and for my family! I will eventually cut it from my
       diet completely, but- I need to start with something I can manage. In order to cut back- I'm
       keeping a log of what I eat each day. (I'm a list kind of gal)

       There are a few other things - major antioxidants (green drink) and exercise daily. We do a lot
       outdoors but, that does not always mean I'm getting the exercise I need. I am carefully beginning a
       stretching and movement program to improve joint health.
3. Blog organization- I get so excited over all the many challenges and link ups that inspire me- but,
       I've been all over the place with them. I will (by the end of next week) have a list and a schedule
       for my posting that will help me be more consistent

Balance is Key!

I love my bird on a wire- he's a Snowy Egret and reminds me to stay balanced! 


ells said...

sounds like the Lord has given you a clear path to follow Him on...remember...I HATED water as i can't live without just takes steps...
If one can hear through a seems I hear a renewed hope...
praying for your journey...blessing friend...

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Great goals! I'm working on improving my health, too, and I have the same difficulty with water.

What has helped me is leaving it on the counter, because gulping it down is much easier if it is room temperature than if it's cold. Also, tea counts as water and I love tea!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I love your Egret picture! What a perfect picture of balance. You have some great goals and some good, specific methods in mind to accomplish them--way to go!

Jen said...

enjoy proverbs :)

praying for you

Jenni said...

Wonderful goals to work toward! I have trouble drinking enough water as well. I get bored of it... lol

Shonda said...

Sounds great! I'm doing Proverbs too. Oh, thanks for reminding me about the green drink. I need to add that to my diet.

Carrie - young living oil lady said...

I know you will achieve and surpass each and every goal! With God, ALL things are possible! I believe in you Kelli and I am on my knees for you! I will continue to advise and coach you and you will be healed, and set free from this pain! We walk by faith, and not by sight! Faith is the things hoped for, not yet seen! I know what I am hoping for... Rejoice in the Lord always and know that He is good! I can't wait to see what the next 30 days bring! Blessings!

Sam said...

Great goals! You can do this!!

Meredith said...

You are SO funny. :)
Love it.

Love your goals, and the specific nature will really help you stay focused.

Believe it or not though, it is EASY to set AMAZING goals and then forget them.

I recommend printing out reminders and posting them in the kitchen! :)

Kelli said...

I am praying for you. I personally know the struggle you are going through. I buy a bag of limes and I cut them in half as I use them. I put one half of a lime in a 32oz glass of water. It tastes much better this way (well for me at least). You can do this! And, if you have someone from Young Living helping you then more the better. Those are the same oils that I sell as well.