Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fun - Our Homeschool Week

Big Announcement: Following through on a commitment made to the Lord a long time ago- 
I'll be speaking at the "Homeschool How-To Conference"   brought to you by Foundations Press

- The conference is a free online convention which you can attend from the comfort of your own home on May 1- 3. I'll be speaking on May 3. You have the option to upgrade to a premium pass which allows you to download all the freebies available in the conference goodie bag! 

The main purpose of this incredible conference is to show you how to implement the study of the Bible into
your homeschool curriculum daily - Using the Bible as your go to textbook for Science, Reading, History, even Math. 

I have witnessed first hand how putting God's Word first in our home and our homeschool can make a difference in families. We are experiencing miracles in our home (read our testimony from this week here) 

Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler or just considering it for your family - I hope you'll join me as I speak on the topic of "Exploring God's Creation - helping your family know their Creator by studying 
His amazing Creation" - Easy sign up available on the "Homeschool How-to Conference"  site. 
Enter the code "adventurez" for 10% off on the premium tickets! 

*I'm giving away a ticket as well 
- just comment below that you'd like to win & I'll enter ya
If you go ahead and purchase - we'll refund the money if you win the full premium pass! 

Field Trip: 

               Florida Aquarium - Tampa Florida 

Favorite Resources: This week - the resource prize has to go to NotebookingFairy  
If you're new to notebooking or interested in learning more - a must have ebook is Notebooking Success
It's on sale for only $5.50 this week y'all - down from the regular $8 - so if you're interested - grab it! 
We used the Dolphin printables this week during our Swimming Creatures study! 

3 in 30- 
1. Spiritual - continuing in my Shepherding a Child's Heart study- there has been some awesome breakthroughs in our home this week - if you haven't read our testimony from earlier this week - please do - 
I pray you will be encouraged and blessed by it! Hang in there mamas! Fill your kids with the Word!  
2. Health- drinking my water - using my oils - still healing and feeling so much better! Got my wheat grinder and made fresh ground bread this week! another step under way :) 

3. Schedule - Did not get all the organizing done that I wanted to - but - I have the rest of the day 
We did make some progress on 3 days this week and that makes me happy! 

Blogging through the alphabet - "L" is for Love one another!
 Read our testimony from this week here  - It's a reaL Life example of how God works 

"L" also stands for meeting in real Life 
So happy to have spent the day yesterday with Lauren @ServingFromHome 
and her Lovely family at the Florida Aquarium 

I feel so blessed that God has provided me the opportunity to meet up with such special friends 
to take our "online" homeschool mama friendships to the "I know her IRL" level  - God blesses be
through you ladies on a daily basis - I LOVE it when we get to meet up! 

"L" is for Love - special friends 

Fabulous Freebies and Resources to Pin: 

  The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Lisa said...

Kelli, I love this post! How wonderful, first of all, that you got to meet another blogging friend! I would love to meet you irl someday! :-) And, congratulations in advance on your speaking at the conference! What an honor and opportunity to witness to others. I am going to check out your links for resources. I have been trying to incorporate the Scripture into our daily lives more and more, but can always use more resources and encouragement and ideas! Have a great weekend! Many blessings, Lisa

GAHCindy said...

I've got to get a post written about that conference! You'll be awesome. :-)

Susan said...

Your trip to the aquarium looks awesome! The Notebooking Fairy is a great resource!
Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources :) Enjoy your weekend!

wondersndreams said...

Looks like you had a fun day!

I would love to win a ticket to the conference, I did not know about this one until I saw your post!

Jen G said...

Love it! Thanks for the resources and the link up! Pinned! =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like another great week!!! I am just starting to get into the Notebooking Fairy--she has great stuff!!

Thank you for linking with Look What We Did!

k balman said...

Please enter me to win. And thanks for the awesome FreeBEEs I am bookmarking them. I really want to start utilizing more notebooking resources.

Amanda @ The Pelsers said...

I want a grinder and I want to meet Lauren. Going to pout and repent of my covetous spirit...

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

Kelli, how did your bread turn out? I've been grinding wheat and making bread for just a couple months now, and we LOVE it!
Your aquarium trip looks like so much fun!

Michelle M. said...

I would love to win a premium ticket!! It sounds amazing :-) I am new to your blog & thankful God saw fit to lead me here!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for your speaking arrangement! So many blessings in your post this week:) So glad you've shared it all (and your beautiful photos) with us. You continue to inspire me to cook with my girls and to make sure that we are spending each day in the Word!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Sounds like a great opportunity on-line!

The aquarium looks fun! We haven't been to one in a while!

Dianna said...

What a fun week. I love to go to aquariums. :) Great job on your goals and I wish I could see you at the conference. :)

Amy said...

Kelli what a FUN week :) beautiful photos and GREAT job on your goals! :) So proud ...

Rebecca said...

My heart is so heavy that I could not be there! Looks like God knew...little guy would ned up in a cast! I know you will be FABULOUS at your speaking job!!!