Friday, April 27, 2012

Lets Hear it For the Boys - Our Homeschool Week - Free Stuff

I've never met a Sandhill Crane I didn't like - these guys were no exception.
 They were friendly out-of-towners who let me get up close to get to know them better. We spent 4 days out in the country this week - house and kid sitting for our pastors to go to a church conference. As you can see - it was a great time for all. 

Friday we head home and have company coming to meet us - Lauren @Serving From Home will be visiting with her cute family! 

This week - the boys acted like boys. They were dirty. They climbed trees. They fished with sticks
and little hooks and bread. They were dirty. They wrestled. They ran through fields. They chased
cows. They were dirty. They cleaned fish and investigated fish guts. They were dirty. 

They made animal noises. They played hide and seek. They were boys. 
Sweet, Dirty, Boys in the country. 

Sandhill Cranes #nature #homeschool #swfl

Letter of the day #ihfphoto  "B" for Busy Becton Boys & Besties Busting Bluegill :)

Bluegill fishing - all day long #MOBsociety #nature study #Homeschool

Letter of the week :  is "J" -  for JUMP and run and play Joyously! 
(and we think fish hooks look like J's )
When they caught the fish - the fish would "Jiggle" 
We totally en-Joyed it - I realize that's cheating - If you'd like to Join in on the fun - check out the
weekly letter posts with Marcy on Ben and Me! 

We're NOT climbing the walls! #hsmommas #mobsociety

It's a beautiful morning in the FL countryside -luv the newborn calf! #homeschool #hsmommas

Look What We Did: Rice Krispie Sushi! Tons of fun - making it - designing it - eating it - FUN! 

Sushi 4 dessert! #homeschool #kidsinthekitchen #food

3 in 30 Goals: 
Well, the only thing going well in this department this week is blogging & quiet time!
I have not been home to organize - I've devoted my time to our pastor's children and home
where the kids and I have had loads of fun - so it's a worthy cause to NOT organize my own house.
And- we ate too much junk food - just for fun and I have had little exercise. Little to none - unless you
count walking outside to sit in a chair and watch kids fish - and lifting up my camera to photograph it.
I did make wonderful progress on my social media job working with these fabulous people:

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Freebies and Favorite Resources:  

Free Declaration of Independence Video and more
Free Multiplication Worksheets with Visuals 
28 Earth Day Activities and Crafts from Tip-Junkie

  The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

As always, I love the pictures - and your adventures make me smile!!

Anonymous said...

love the photos--looks like a great day!

Tammy said...

Looks like a wonderful adventure!!

tina @ september said...

what a fun week! love all the pictures :) have a great weekend!

texasmcvays said...

MMMM...the fake sushi is making me want real sushi. Looks like the little men had a great week.

Susan said...

fun times! that rice krispie sushi looks like a neat idea :)
thanks for sharing your resources with Favorite Resources!
happy weekend!!

Michelle said...

What an adventure! Thanks for sharing! Here from the HMJ.

Anonymous said...

I always love your photos and marvel at how different where you live looks from where I live! How amazing that in the same country we can have areas that look so different--our God is an awesome God to have created such beauty!

Thank you for linking with "Look What We Did!!