Monday, April 30, 2012

Online Homeschool Conferences & A LOT of VALUE

This is the time of year when homeschool families everywhere are preparing to attend conferences 
to investigate and set up their homeschool curriculum for the following year. Some go to hear the 
speakers and gather inspiration, some go to stay up to date on the latest greatest homeschool curricula 

We've been known to travel far and wide for a good one! But this year - it won't be necessary. 
We've found TWO Conferences where we have the benefits of attending - hearing inspiring keynote 
speakers - prizes - new curriculum - sales and discounts - without ever having to leave home! 
(Not a bad thing with gas prices as they are) 

I'll be speaking at the first conference - the 
Homeschool How-To conference 
And get a Year of Bible Curriculum Free 

Another great online Homeschool conference you need to know about: 

Big Homeschool Giveaway! 

Total prize package for over $3500 in homeschool curricula

*there are affiliate links in this post - I purchased my own ticket for Ultimate HS Expo - I don't recommend anything for your family - unless I use it for mine! :)

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Anonymous said...

very interesting. i am going to check this out.