Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Homeschool Week - Easter

Our Week: 
We are fighting some kind of Spring cold/flu in our home this week - so we've taken it slowly
We have continued our study from the Apologia Swimming Creatures book - we added a study of
Sea Stars by doing a lapbook :

Get your own free copy of the Star Fish Lapbook from the Homeschool Share here:

We are also using our new Notebooking pages from the Notebooking Fairy as we study Dolphins

(that was a fun adventure) 
Get your own dolphin notebooking pages from the Notebook Fairy here - there are many other freebies
on the Notebooking Fairy site - Check out the round up of ideas and printables for April here

I've printed out our notebooking and lapbooking pages for our bird study as well - we took this picture of a Florida Scrub-jay at a near by park. Scrub jays are highly intelligent birds who are easily tamed. I've had them sit on my finger on numerous occasions. (A-ma-Zing) 

Get your FREE printable Blue Jay notebooking pages from the Notebooking Fairy here

While we were in the house working on our notebook pages and other school stuff - my 7 yr old spotted a Red Headed Woodpecker (and recognized it right away) - I looked up and saw this through the screen: 

Can you find the Woodpecker in this picture? 

I know. Right? So, Where's the bird? It's like - where's Waldo? I was shooting blind - when I cropped the picture though and lightened it up a bit - I found this: 

Oh! To have his eyes! His father also possesses this strange gift - He'll see a "dot" in the sky - name it - and start talking about it's eating and mating habits. For real. Handy for homeschool though for sure! 

I am so thankful for the family time we got to spend this Easter weekend. 

We had a relaxing peaceful Easter - we enjoyed a beautiful service at church - came home to eat a delicious meal and have some quiet family time - we did a little egg hunt in the yard and talked about the real reason for our celebration - the risen Savior. It was a beautiful time. 

Let's hear it for the boys: I'm so proud when they work together as a team and show their sweet side! 
H- is for Happy 

H- is also for Hibiscus - Which also make me Happy 

Wrap-up: We'll be finishing off our homeschool week with a History class tomorrow - the boys watched several historical films and science films this week as we convalesced (been wanting to use that word) 
Hoping everyone is well enough to have a real school lesson - and finish our Noah's Ark project 
(I'll take pictures) 

3 in 30: 
1. Spiritual- in the Word daily and Shepherding a Child's Heart online book club
2. Health- God is healing me NOW - doing my part drinking water - less sugar more protein
    - using my essential oils - exercise 3 x per week
3. Schedule- homeschool and organizing (one room and one bedroom each week organized)

Spiritual- Ok, so I had my quiet time most days this week so far - still need improvement - still need to write post for the chapter 2-3 but the reading and study is done!

Health- Still feeling so much better than I was before - we are fighting sickness in the house this week so I don't feel well - but my healing from RA is now and my daily pain is well under control - almost gone! drinking my water - using my oils - didn't get much exercise because we are sick -yucky- *the oils are helping me fight that off and my husband too!

Schedule- did I mention we are fighting sickness? I've had a little boy in my bed and just not feeling well so the schedule I was so happy about hasn't really happened - I did get some paperwork into a binder and part of the bed room paperwork cleared & some cleaning in bedroom and main room (this is aside from normal kitchen, bathroom, and daily cleaning of course)
*I purchased my copy of Simple Blogging and have begun reading it - get your $8 copy here and join us

So, a little is good in a sick week - at least I've made a bit of headway!

Homeschool Freebies: 

Free History Video's: Federalist, Anti-Federalist, and House of Representatives 

Globalmania Free Geography Program and Maps 

Seterra Free Online Map Quiz Game

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Crissy at The Little House on the Right said...

Hi Kelli!!! I saw you at Mob Society. I love your lap books. We have tot school lap books and my 3 year old has a blast with them.

p.s. I found the book club on FB and I'm really enjoying the book so far. Thanks for inviting me.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

What a great week - the picture of the chairs by the water makes me want to jump in the car and come on down!!

So glad that you are feeling improvements - such a lovely God we serve!

Rebecca said...

I like that lapbook....and WOW! What a picture of that bird!!!! I will sit in those chairs one day....soon!

Dawn said...

WOW - lots of things linked to one post. hee hee Have a blessed day!

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Your nature photos are just gorgeous, do you ever get tired of your view??!! I wouldn't!! I read Simple Blogging and really liked it. Hope you are all feeling much better asap, have a great weekend!

The Sierra Home Companion said...

Is that your backyard with the chairs and the river in the back ground? Just beautiful.
I found you from The Homeschool Chick. Have a blessed weekend.

Amy said...

You should check out The Homeschool Movie Club. They are some free curriculum from the movie Dolphin Tales that could go great with your ocean study. Prayers lifted up for the sick ones in your home.

B. Martin said...

What a fun week. I love all of the projects that you're doing. The homeschool share is such a fabulous resource.

Chaos Cottage said... me some deviled eggs. First time in a long time that we didn't have them this Easter. We went out to celebrate.

Susan said...

You've definitely shared some super resources here! I think the Star Fish lapbook looks great!
Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources :)

Jimmie said...

Kelli, Thanks for the mentions and links to The Notebooking Fairy! I would love to see some pics of your dolphin notebooking pages, though.

I am also a fan of birding. Can't wait for the hummingbirds to return!

Jenn said...

Beautiful photos:) We have a woodpecker that lives nearby...I saw him in the backyard today! Hope you are all feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your cold/flu--I hope you are feeling better.

The photo of the dolphin was beautiful!