Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bible Bee Family Discipleship Challenge - and a Giveaway

How can 2 cards a week and 20 minutes a day deepen 

your family's relationship with Christ?

I am so excited to find out! We have signed up for the Bible Bee 2012 - Children ages 7-18 are 
welcome to participate. We invest in our future - we invest in our home - our children - our homeschools. This is a great way of investing in the hearts of our families! 

I've learned that the more time and effort I invest in teaching Scripture to my children - the more 
they get out of it and the more it shows up in a positive way - in our family life. What I know to be true is that for every bit of family discipleship we put in - we receive so much more back as we see the Holy Spirit work in the lives and move in the hearts of our children! 

My boys enjoy learning the Bible together and are proud when they can quote back the Scriptures 
to me. We encourage each other and even clap for one another as they work to memorize their 
verses. I cannot wait to get our package full of memory cards and more! 

I'm so happy we've found a new - fun way to go about our Bible memory work this summer! 

Here's the details: 

In return for the $30 Registration Fee, each contestant receives, on June 1st: 

  • 25 Bible Memory Cards. That works out to just over 2 cards per week during the summer, a "do-able" goal for your whole family!
  • A Bible in one of five translations
  • A "Sword Study" in-depth study on one book of the Bible leveled for three age groups, enabling the whole family to study the same book at the same pace. Sword Studies don't just teach the Bible, they teach a lifelong skill of how to study and apply the Bible, in just 20 minutes a day.
  • An official participant Bible Bee T-shirt and button
  • Gifts from our ministry partners that support the Sword Study learning
  • A Parent Guidebook that gives a solid overview of the study and includes a Family Bonfire Guide, so that you can easily lead your family in fun times of learning and sharing what the Lord has taught you throughout the week.

  • Please visit the Bible Bee site by clicking the pic below to learn more: 

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    Vision Forum is a proud sponsor! 

    Register Your Family Today! 

    Exciting News:

    I'm giving away a Free Family Registration + extra Bible Memory Cards! 

    Did I mention that kids compete for over $260,000 in prizes?

    You heard me! Enter here: 


    Heather Mac said...

    Love to win this! We love Bible Memory and have settled into a good pattern, but I think a Bible Bee would be great to help us "up our game". Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it looks great.

    Colleen said...

    Wow, this sounds like the perfect thing to do this summer. My girls have both been through the Awana program. I love the idea of keeping the learning going and also the idea of doing it as a family.

    Kristi Collins said...

    I was going to sign up my two children (we participated the first year) but my husband said those two words you never want to hear- NO FUNDS. This would ROCK winning these. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Kristi Collins said...

    I was going to sign up my two children (we participated the first year) but my husband said those two words you never want to hear- NO FUNDS. This would ROCK winning these. Thanks for the giveaway!

    GAHCindy said...

    My boys love memorizing things. Anything at all, really, but especially the Bible!

    Lisa said...

    I think this would be a great opportunity to come together through God's Word!

    Theresa Miller said...

    Ooh, sounds great! Thanks for the information!!

    Lisa Washington said...

    I would love to do this with my family this summer. Sounds like a wonderful program.

    popolary said...

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    popolary said...

    This would be great for our family because we just finished an AWANA program and our kids loved memorizing the Scriptures. There will be no AWANA during the summer months so this would be great to pick up with during those months.

    The Nelson Family said...

    This sounds like a wonderful way to show our children that you are never to old to learn and that knowing the Bible IS important (even to Daddy!)

    Becky Milstead said...

    I was JUST looking at Bible Bee last night. I asked my son if he would be interested & he responded, "Challenge accepted!" lol I would love to win the registration fee. :-)

    Wendi said...

    My children have been doing amazing learning Bible verses for AWANA's this year and this Tuesday will be our last meeting for the summer. So this is perfect timing to keep the Bible memory verse learning going on.