Friday, May 4, 2012

Notebooking - A Happy How-To in Homeschooling

Jeannie Fulbright of Apologia suggests:

 "You can transform any course into a first class educational experience with notebooking"

I tend to agree! We've participated in some form of notebooking or lapbooking since I began homeschooling my son some 6 years ago - and now they have multiplied and there are 3 boys in our little classroom. Well, it's actually quite a large classroom - as we spend a good deal of time in the great outdoors.

Notebooking has indeed transformed our courses. Along with using the notebooking journals from Apologia we also do lapbooking and make our own nature journals.

The boys each have a composition notebook which we have decorated with scrapbook paper and  personalized. They use pencils to sketch nature scenes - either on location - or something we bring back to the house (like weeds pretty flowers picked for mommy) or an interesting leaf - bug - plant.

They carry their journals on many of our adventures as we explore God's Creation. Something else we have begun doing more of - is a more "official" kind of notebooking. I like using three ring binders to organize much of our studies after the work is done.  The kids enjoy using their clip boards (very official) to do nature studies. We are finding it particularly useful with our notebooking in the outdoors.

One of my favorite resources for notebooking is a fun little place called The Notebooking Fairy 
My friend Jimmy does a wonderful job of both providing brilliant (and even FREE) notebooking pages as well as explaining and teaching you WHAT to do with them. Most recently we put her super cool Dolphin notebooking pages to work for us. I found them free on her blog of course - under "printables".

Even though I've been homeschooling for quite awhile - I learned a LOT from her ebook - 
Notebooking Success is loaded with creative ideas for your notebooking pages. You'll learn HOW to use the technique to it's fullest potential, WHEN to use them to get the most benefit for your learners, and WHY they are great for every subject and most every student - regardless of grade
 or age of the child. 

You'll find an easy to follow guide that will enrich your homeschool studies. It's not a curriculum or a workbook - but a method of teaching you can use for all ages! Whether you are an experienced homeschooler or just getting started - You're likely to- like me-  become a fan of  the ebook: Notebooking Success. 

»»Free Bonus — Grade Specific Reference Sheets
»»Free Bonus –General Notebooking Pages
»»Free Bonus – 50 Things to Put into a Notebook

*this post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase I do make a buck or two - however I do not recommend products that we don't use ourselves and approve - 
I was given a copy of the ebook from NBfairy to review - the opinions are my own



Lisa said...

We do a lot of lapbooking here, too, and would like to get into notebooking more, especially with my older 2. Maybe I'll try some tomorrow since we spent hours at the Nature Center today for a great homeschooling class! :-)

Jen said...

lap books are cool and children always seem to learn a lot using them :)

Homegrown Learners said...

I love the picture of your son notebooking with some little swimming creature in a container in front of him. :-) Your homeschool looks so creative and fun!

Jimmie's notebooking pages are wonderful, aren't they?

Kelli Becton said...

Thanks Mary! They are - that's our new little friend- he's a Japanese Fighting Fish - he's been moved to a bigger home now :) Our homeschool animal collection is ever growing :)

Susan said...

The Notebooking Fairy is a great site for all things notebooking related :) Notebooking really is such a versatile learning tool!
Thanks so much for sharing this with Favorite Resources. Have a great weekend Kelli!

Anonymous said...

We've been Notebooking, but not in any official way for awhile...I am finding more and more that my girls hate writing summaries and have been thinking they may enjoy notebooking more...I am considering purchasing Jimmie's ebook.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

I've wondered about Notebooking as we continue to debate about Homeschooling. Do you still use Notebooking at the Middle School level? Thanks for the How-To, Kelli! Happy Sunday! ☺

Our Side of the Mountain said...

We've switched from lapbooking with file folders to placing mini books in a notebook instead. A cross between notebooking and lapbooking! All fun learning though!

Kelli Becton said...

Larri, notebooking can be used from Kindergarten to high school :) it's totally adjustable for various ages