Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 days of (everyday) Exploring God's Creation - Day 2 - Why bother?

 Why Explore God’s Creation with your children?

Everything in nature points to an intelligent designer. I believe you have to work at it pretty hard to take God out of the picture and believe anything else. There are wonderful resources available to learn more about this idea. Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice and Explore Yellowstone are great dvd’s to share with your children. If you are on the fence about this whole “Creation” thing – please consider reading the book The case for a Creator by Lee Strobel or get The case for a Creator for Kids. Lee Strobel is a journalist who set out to prove the theory of Creation wrong – as he dug in to investigate – he uncovered some extremely vital information set forth in his books.

Exploring God’s Creation with your children will enrich their relationship with Him. God’s fingerprints are all over His Creation – it’s in the beauty, the absolute magnificence, and it’s in the order! When we spend time appreciating something He made – we begin to see and understand – to appreciate Him more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share creation bible verses with your children as there are verses available on most any topic of study. I’ve put together a nice collection for you to download when signing up for the Adventurez monthly newsletter.

Exploring is healthy! Getting outside is healthy for the body, mind, and soul. Science shows us that being outside in nature helps improve immune function in children. Having behavior problems with a child or two? Get them outside! Studies show that people in general have less anger, feel more revitalized, have less tension, less depression and more enjoyment and satisfaction when they spend time exercising in the outdoors.

Spending time in nature makes you happy! Any time parents are interacting with their children – they are providing a greater sense of well being and a strong nurturing connection. When you intentionally seek to connect with your children while connecting to nature – there is an even stronger bond and feeling of happiness. There is joy in studying  God’s creation. Have you ever gotten excited when you see a butterfly? Sharing that excitement with your children is an important part of family time. Families who play together stay together – families who play together in the outdoors – play together better!

Nature makes you smarter! Besides the fact that you learn a lot by spending time outside, it sparks creativity and is generally good for your brain. I love this article by Richard Louv called “Want your child to get into Harvard? Tell them to go outside” . I can’t personally speak to all that, but I can tell you that my children retain so much more of what they are learning when we reinforce it with outdoor activity.  As a matter of fact – any time we are having a hard time settling into our homeschool or sitting still – we go for a nature walk and it works like a charm.

Most of all, studying and investigating the work of our Lord, brings Him honor. We were made to give honor and glory to God above. By stopping to notice the intricate details of His wondrous creation – we are glorifying our Father in heaven.

How to? It doesn't have to be complicated. Nature is as close as your own back yard or the local park. One of my favorite memories from childhood is the after dinner walks we used to take together as a family. Be sure to get some brisk exercise and then slow down to smell the roses - or the wildflowers! Look closely to see what is hiding nearby. There may be a tiny bee gathering nectar from a flower or those weeds you keep passing by could have intricate little flowers. People sometimes think they need to set aside a day or many hours for an adventure. All you really need is 10 minutes to an hour to refresh body, mind, and soul. The important thing is to just do it - daily! 

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*article by Jane Kirkland – Education.com entitled “Nature is not a destination”
*article by Sue Beilby – “Healthy Exercise” 
*article by Richard Louv - "Want your children to get into Harvard?" 


learning table said...

This is so true!

Kelli Becton said...

So good to hear from you! thanks for visiting ;)

Anne Elliott said...

After just spending a week camping at a Minnesota State Park, I completely see each of your points... (Well, it hasn't gotten them into Harvard yet...) But we had a *wonderful* time, and it was neat to see the kids carrying bird and tree identification books around with them. Most of all, it was precious to hear them tell each other how God created each thing (and "how could anyone be so silly to think this is 500 millions years old?" giggle, giggle). What a blessing!

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Encouraging exploration in our children...GREAT encouragement for us homeschoolers, and for moms everywhere!!

Thanks for linking up today.

Kelli Becton said...

Thank you ladies! We love sharing our exploring ideas

Anonymous said...

I do send the kids outside often when there's just too much boy steam in the house! :-) I loved your ideas, and your thought behind them. I think going outside to look at how creation points to God is also a form of resting - getting out of routine, and focusing on God. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, girl!

MomLaur said...

You inspire me to get the kids out more! I know how much my heart swells when I take my morning walks in the first light and all that I observe around me...hmm, maybe I should start taking one of the kids with me once in a while...

Courtney said...

This is all so true and a wonderful reminder about the importance of getting outside and enjoying God's creation. As the mom of two young boys, outside time is vital to our days :)

Jenn said...

We spent all day outside exploring and playing!! Love this post encouraging us all to do this regularly:)

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Your post is very inspiring, Kelli! My neighbors often comment that my children are the only ones they ever see playing outside. It's a vital part of being a kid...connecting with His creation. Thanks for reminding us about that! :)