Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introduction to 5 days of (everyday) Exploring

I’ve got one word for you: Hippocampus!

 No, it’s not a section at the local zoo (cause that’s what went through my mind the first time I heard it). I’m talking about the temporal lobe of your cerebral cortex. The hippocampus is where your brain differentiates between stored knowledge and incoming new stimuli. 

There is a great article by Scientific American called Learning by Surprise. It caught my attention – made me use my hippocampus as I read an example of how it works. They used the scenario of how people who drive the same route to work each day will not necessarily remember a specific days drive from another. BUT, the day they drive by and see a big ‘ole cow (I added the big ‘ole myself) eating grass out of the median – they are likely to recall various detailed information about the drive in general such as “the sky was blue, yellow flowers blooming on the side of the road” and so forth.

I’ve decided they are on to something. I want to shake up our days a bit. I want to add adventure! I know – the blog is Adventurez in ChildRearing. We do have a good many adventures, but I want to make the most of our everyday exploring in order to help my children learn and retain information even better. I hope you’ll join me as we stretch our imaginations a bit and find new ways to add everyday adventure into our homeschool and family life as we explore the beauty of God’s Creation.

Exploring creation with my children helps me teach them about the wonders and miracles of our God. Through the careful study of the nature around us – we see the fingerprints of our loving, intentional, organized, Creator.

 It’s my desire to strengthen their faith and understanding of their place in this big world through this type of study – and through the Word of God. I’m thrilled to share these ideas with you!

Beginning tomorrow – I’m teaming up with over 20 bloggers to bring you a 5 day series of ways you can easily incorporate this idea into your day! I do hope you’ll join me to follow along. I can’t wait to hear from the other bloggers who are bringing you 5 days of various topics relating to Mothering and Homemaking.

Please be sure to visit all 21 moms who have banded together to bring your the 5 days of of mothering and homemaking series:


Lana at ilovemy5kids said...

Can't wait to read these! So exciting and get fresh ideas!

Jeri Lynn said...

I am continually in awe of God's creation and can not wait to read the wisdom you will share. I love learning new things...Thanks so much for the vocabulary lesson...Hippocampus! I hope to use mine lots in the upcoming week!
I am almost finished writing my series....5 days of Incorporating Inspiration Into Your Routine! It is going to be a truely inspiring week!

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Looking forward to reading ALL abot your adventures! :) Happy Sunday!

Kelli Becton said...

Thanks Larri! happy Sunday to you too!