Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Homeschool Week! - Bible bee fun

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In my life this week…                                                                                             

I taught the boys how to make homemade clam chowder - we are studying the American Revolution -
 and in our GeoMatters Trail Guide to Learning series we read about Massachusetts . . . . and that 
brings us to clam chowder - Geography is fun and tasty! 

I love reading aloud to the boys this way and learning together in a format that really helps them soak up    the information and then be able to recall it later. yeah, and I mentioned - it's tasty - right? 

Get the recipe here and link up with Kids in the Kitchen to share your own recipes each week! 

I am inspired by…   (camera phone - collage)                                                     

I love my new totes from Dayspring! They are awesome and have inspiring messages/ verses to carry with me wherever I go! And they are totally cute! See my review and get discounts here - totes from $3.99

My favorite thing this week was…                                                                         

We actually got part of the front garden done - hoping to get it finished before our special guests arrive for the 4th of July week! 

Letter of the week. . . "Q"                                                                                         

 Q is for Quiet time! We are reading our verses for the Bible Bee and enjoying quiet time daily around here - more about that below under "let's hear it for the boys" 

What we are working on …                                                                                    

AJTL Poster Contest

 Click on the link to learn about the contest - Hope you'll join us! 

Let's hear it for the boys …                                                                                     

 This is actually last weeks picture- but the reason I need to use it is because I am proud of how well they are digging in to their Bible reading and how excited they are to learn more verses. My oldest is doing some of his workbook on his own and the he shares with me what he's read about. I love seeing them excited about the Bible! That makes my mama heart happier than most anything at all!  

3 in 30 goals …                                                                                                        

I'd be better off to skip this one this week! Although I did get some major paperwork done - I still have a lot more to go - I've messed up in my eating - I got stressed out and turned to sugar to fight my pain. Sad, but true. We had several storms move through and I just lost my head - what can I say? I do have an exciting blog announcement to make - but it has to wait until next week to be official :) 

Freebies and Favorite Resources . . .                                                                  

 The Bible Bee resources are some of my favorite right now! Although not free - worth it!

summertime learning ebook 2012
I'm a member of We Teach and this summertime learning ebook is great! 

Patriotic craft idea:

Free Father's day coupons- printable from Frugal Girls! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Deborah said...

The Bible Bee looks really good. So good to hear that your children are loving the scriptures. :o)

Hi, I'm Deborah, nice to meet you. :o)

The Paper Maid

Jen said...

voted for you again :)

yum!! clam chowder I LOVE anything seafoody

your tote is beautiful :)

Kelli Becton said...

Jen- You are awesome! thank you & Deborah - it's nice to meet you- I'll check out your blog!

Chareen said...

Ooooo I love blog announcements. Look forward to hearing what it is.

I love cooking chowder too. Not too many seafood ones around here though.


Jeanine Byers said...

Goals or not, you're doing wonderful, admirable work with your boys!! We are taking a break for the summer.

I totally understand about the stress eating, believe me! It happens.

Kelli Becton said...

Chareen - thanks for visiting- I'll stop by your blog!

Kelli Becton said...

Thank you Jeannie- I did hit a touch of my goals for the week - but it's been an unhealthy week for me (physically - not well) :( Thanks for the encouragement!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a week! Your flag craft is so cute! I love the journals.

Mary Prather said...

Kelli - thanks for linking. Clam Chowder is my favorite food EVER... I'm checking out the recipe next!

I admire all of the wonderful things you do with your boys. :-)

Susan said...

Sounds like you and the boys have been up to some great things this week, even though you haven't been feeling all that well.
Thanks for sharing all your favorite resources and linking up :)

Sharla said...

That clam chowder looks delicious! I love incorporating food into learning.

See Jamie blog said...

Love your Dayspring stuff! We haven't made clam chowder (no one in my family would eat it and I don't think I could cook it!) but we have done some foods to go along with various studies. Great way to make it more real! :)

Kelli Becton said...

Thanks ladies - yes, a little bit of hands on learning goes a long way!

Sherri Davidson said...

We have had a crazy stressful week this week as well and my oh my how I have been craving sugar. I am on a new 'diet' plan (not trying to lose weight trying to get healthy) and it is no white sugar. I tell you when I am stressed...
Hope next week goes much better for you.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I so love reading your posts! you manage to fit SO much fun stuff in each week - very inspiring for me!

Leslie said...

It looks like you had an awesome week. The Bible Bee sounds cool - anything to get them excited about the Word. Good job! Hope you have a great week and looking forward to your announcement ;)

Kelli Becton said...

thanks - I don't cram as much in as it seems! We have plenty of down time - I have to recoup between adventures! ;)I just take lots of pictures

Anonymous said...

How fun! Just wanted to invite you to stop by and link up your Children Book inspired post (New or Old) in our 6 Week Summer Reading Adventure
Have a great week!