Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List- Family Fun ideas - Day #4 Fun with Dolphins

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Day #4 - Boating adventure - fun with dolphins

For the 4th of July - we had the privilege of taking some friends with us on a boat tour. One of the things we did that day was look for dolphin. This is my favorite one! He is looking right at the camera for me. 

  from Apologia -It is full of wonderful information about the creatures who live near us - in the sea. 

There is something very special about getting out on the water and  nothing says summer time quite like salt water and beaches! The fact that this area is teeming with wildlife only adds to the excitement as we explore with our friends and family. 

Even if a boat ride searching for dolphins isn't on your list this year - you can spend some fun time learning about these wonderful creatures. 

Read fun and interesting facts about them here on the National Geographic Kids page 

If you want to make an educational and fun lapbook with the kiddos about dolphins - download this awesome one for FREE from the Homeschool Share   - you are welcome to copy and print my pictures for your own personal use only. 

One idea is to use them to create your own board book. We like to cover old or dollar store board books with scrapbook paper and paint - and then add our own story with pictures! 

Download Dolphin notebooking pages from Notebooking Fairy - there are several to choose from: 

Watch a wonderful family movie about dolphins like Dolphin Tale - get it here: 

Meet Winter - the star of Dolphin Tale and learn more about her heart warming story :

Visit the site of Clearwater Marine Aquarium - where our favorite dolphin lives. Check out the Kid Zone! 

I hope you enjoy your adventures this summer. Whether you are enjoying family movie night or out looking at dolphins in the wild - you can have a memorable time together learning and exploring God's creation. It's not the location that matters - it's the special time as a family that really matters. You can make it special - It's the attitude and not the latitude that makes all the difference!

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Rebecca said...

We had so much fun out on the boat watching those fun dolphins! I'm still upset that the video did not 'take' on my phone! Thankful for the pictures you captured, though!!!!!

Joy said...

Every time we go to St. Augustine or Fort Matanzas National Monument and ride their boat, we always look for dolphins. They are beautiful creatures! With my oldest daughter, we loved studying about the swimming creatures in the Apologia book. Looking forward to using it with my younger two kids!

k balman said...

Awesome post with great FreeBees make sure tou link up to FreeBee Fridays. Dolphins are one of Gwyns favorite mammals. Just the other day at the pool she was swimming around and acting like Winter. I cannot even tell you how many times Ive seen that movie, lol.

Kelli Becton said...

all linked up Kbalman- Joy we so love St Augustine too!

Lisa W. said...

That looks amazingly fun. Love how you built up the interest and study.