Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summertime Fun - Bucket List - Day 2 - Homemade Play dough

summerbucketlist2 Summer Bucket List

Blog friends participating: 

       Kelli @ Adventurez In ChildRearing

Jeniffer & Melissa @ Sisters ‘N Cloth
Lisa @ Creativlei
Jennifer @ Teaching Boys

Day 2 - Kids in the Kitchen - Craft Time - Homemade Play Dough  
Mix it and stir it and knead it all up! 
Add color and play play play! Store in air tight container and play some more!

Ideas of things to make with play dough: 
1. Animals - easy shapes like circles, ovals and squares make lots of animals 
2. Play Food- use different colors to make pizza's, fruits, and veggies and play restaurant 
3. Vehicles - cars, trucks, and boats make for hours of fun 
4. Architecture - basic shapes can become Eiffel towers, Empire State Buildings, or your house
5. Letters - what kind of homeschool teacher would I be if I left this out? 


Honey @ Sunflower Schoolhouse said...

I have homemade play dough on our bucket list too. I only wish our kitchen was bigger to fit all the kiddos.


Kelli Becton said...

yes, I do love that we have a center island to gather around- it really does become the heart of the home ;) we also like to gather around a table or I put down a table cloth on the floor to play

Jennifer said...

We love homemade play-do as well! Have you ever tried the edible play-do...it is dangerous with boys, though....it tastes too good! BTW.....love the sucker in your son's mouth! :)


Kelli Becton said...

Ha! Jennifer - I thought at first that I needed to make him take it out for pictures and then decided to just keep it real ;)

Joy said...

We love making homemade play dough. We have used it often to make different projects throughout the year. The kids love being able to measure the ingredients and mix it up!

Kelli Becton said...

the boys have been enjoying it all week!