Monday, August 20, 2012

Not back to school - blog hop - Sharing our homeschool life

I haven't been able to post each week for the not Back to School Hop - so I've squeezed in our info here: 

Apologia Science - Swimming Creatures   - the detailed knowledge the kids are soaking up from this study became apparent this summer when we visited the Florida Aquarium. They answered questions and shared information they had retained even from the first chapter! We look forward to digging into the rest this year.

History, Reading & more - Paths of Settlement - Trail guide to learning from Geo Matters 
(comprehensive curriculum spanning ages and covers all subject besides Math) Pictured below is a project inspired from the study of the atmosphere in POS - We also love the state studies and cooking recipes from each state we are learning about with the "Eat Your Way through the USA" and especially "Eat Your Way around the World"  (by one of our favorite homeschool friends - Jamie Aramini ) We adore her books that go along with this super curriculum. Geography through Art and the Munford Series are great fun, get the kids attention, get them excited about learning and the history is amazing.

Bible - We use our Bible verses for the week to practice handwriting and cursive. We use Bible study books from Ken Ham like D is for Dinosaur (and other New Leaf Publishing - Master Books) and also from the Bible Bee  - even though we were unable to participate in the actual competition this year - we are totally enjoying the study materials - you can purchase them from the site to use in your home and I totally recommend it!

Foundations Press - I love the material from Foundations Press as it is all based from Scripture. As you may know - I am a speaker for the Homeschool How-To Conference sponsored by Foundations Press - I speak on the topic of Exploring God's Creation. The whole conference is about using the Bible as the foundation for your children's education. Whether we are exploring nature, writing a paper, or learning history, we do it all from a Biblical World View and to the glory of God our Creator. 

School room: 

Although we don't contain ourselves to a particular room in the house - we do have a main school area where we gather each day to read and write together. We also use the dining room area, and the kitchen quite a bit for cooking together and experiments.

The after . . . 5 days of organizing #homeschool

Making Clam Chowder - from our Paths of Settlement study of Massachusetts 

Main school area for writing - where we use the Bible as the foundation for all our studies! 
(that's a Lincoln Log version of Noah's Ark - by the way) 

And a different view (of MY leather chair - where mommy teaches) More Revolutionary War study 
going on in here - We do a lot of reading aloud - Parker is reading from one of the accompanying books in the POS Trail Guide to Learning Series. The boys also play with clay and draw while I read to them. 

We always spend time in the great outdoors Exploring Creation and learning about nature together-
The world is our classroom! 

Student Pictures: 

Thanks for taking a peek into our homeschool life - Please feel free to ask if you have any questions - or contact me for support and encouragement any time- God bless!

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*disclosure- some of the links for our curriculum are affiliate links - if you purchase through them - I can make a profit - I only ever recommend products we use and love ourselves! Thank you for any support you can offer our lil school ;) 

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