Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Homeschool week- Boys, bugs, and hurricane studies

In my life this week…

Charlotte Harbor getting choppy & the sky has that "I'm up 2 something" look #swfl #weather #Isaac

We had a stormy start to the week with Isaac blowing by- but it did - blow by - no damage, just a bit of rain and wind. The heating pad was my friend. 

In our homeschool this week…

LiL boys - just fascinated eith bugs & slugs #mobsociety #1000Gifts

We have enjoyed a "normal" regular week this week - other than a big 'ole storm 
the boys are getting into a better routine with school time each day 

Enjoying using the D is for Dinosaur to study the Bible with the boys - I love books that open up great discussion in our family homeschool.

My favorite thing this week was…

Even though our #homeschool takes over the house - with a lil #organizing - it can still be pretty

 The boys have been doing their best to help me keep the house cleaned up and organized! 
That just has a way of making this mama happy!!! 

I’m cooking…

 We made homemade guava jelly this week - we also made chicken and rice - and black beans and rice - and a pork roast. See our Kids in the Kitchen post and join us by linking up your favorite family recipes every week! 

Read learn explore - favorite resources …
We love this series of sea creature books- perfect w our Apologia Swimming Creatures study

 We love this series of books by Suzanne Tate - they were a gift from sweet friends with our first baby and we have enjoyed them all ever since! There are plenty to choose from - and it goes perfectly with our Swimming Creatures study from Apologia Science

Our little Spencer is having a hard time learning. He's smart as a whip - but something happens between the time we look at the words/sounds/ or letters together and the next second when he says it by himself. I'm working to both inspire him (like with fish themes) and help with kinesthetic learning - I'm proud of him for working hard and know that together - we will get through this so he can thrive in every area of his life. 

Please let me know if you have resources and information - not a perfect fit for dyslexia or dysgraphia - but seems to be a combination of both - He loves art and we are working with pictures. Thanks! 

Tactile learning …
More #homeschool in the kitchen- cooking Pinto beans= RADIANT energy & Conduction - boiling= Convection #hsmommas

 I am learning more about using kinesthetic learning specifically to help my youngest son - we have always been a hands on learning family. We used cooking a pot of beans this week to demonstrate radiant energy, conduction, and even convection. 

Freebie Friday …
Hurricane study seems appropriate #Homeschool #hsbloggers (link on blog today)

 I made this hurricane unit study last year - it includes bible verses and more - seems appropriate this week to share! 

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