Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Homeschool week - Wrap up - Birthday week

Favorite things this week…                                                                                                      
                Oh how sweet! My friend Roselle loves me! #friends    Happy Birthday week for me with sweet friends - Roselle Agles & kiddos on island #friends #outdoors

I had a birthday this week - and my sweet friend of many years - Roselle Agles - baked me a fun birthday cake - It's my Gulf and sunset! One of our favorite things is watching the sun sink below the horizon!

Our children are growing fast - I'm thrilled to have special friends in my life who are here through thick and thin. I'm blessed to have people who know me well - and love and believe in me. God is good!

Thank you Roselle for such a sweet surprise. Thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday via facebook and phone calls. It was great fun hearing from you.

What we are cooking this week…                                                                                            

                   Big bro chopping veggies! #kidsinthekitchen #homeschool  

Get the recipe from our weekly Kids in the Kitchen post for- Beefy Rigatoni

Our homeschool this week…                                                                                                 
                Welcome to 1st grade Spencer! #homeschool #hsmommas   2nd grade excitement! Go Walker! #homeschool #hsmommas

                Happy 6th Grade Parker #homeschool #hsmommas   Lucky Lu-Lu fell from her nest! Not to worry, she's still lucky & has been returned to the nest ;) #nature #homeschool #science

We did our homeschool student pictures and linked to the ihomeschoolnetwork to share
We've been doing some bird watching as a Mourning Dove who hatched in our yard last year returned here again and built her own nest in a tree in our yard. We have been able to watch the eggs hatch - well only one hatched and we named her Lucky Lu-Lu. Watching her learn to fly has been fun and educational.

We are getting back into a more normal routine around here - easing our way into a full school schedule.

I'm Reading …                                                                                                                          
Book Club:   7 Tools for Cultivating your child's potential - with Amanda 
and her online book club - I've been enjoying the book immensely 

In my life this week…                                                                                                                
Chess is Child's Play - book by Laura Sherman - Today we are learning about the Rook & how it moves! #homeschool #brainyKids #hsmommas

I'm teaching the boys to play chess! Walker is especially loving it and really excited about it- the other boys are also catching on and enjoying learning about how each of the pieces move on the board. I LOVE the way this book lays it all out little at a time and sets up "mini- games" that they are already able to play! 

Chess is Child's Play - by Laura Sherman   I cannot say enough about it- I'll have a full review soon

 Freebies and Fave Resources…                                                                                           
(I cannot vouch for the info in this program one way or the other as we have not used it!)

Cursive Handwriting-  by AdventurezinChildRearing: 

Bible verse: Jeremiah 29: 11                                          Bible verse: John 3: 16


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