Sunday, September 30, 2012

Healthy Mom Series - getting healthier even when you don't feel like it:

September has ended and October begins. The past few weeks have been a slow, yet sure beginning towards a healthier lifestyle. I've made small changes - adding more water, green drink (Super Green), more vegetables, more protein, less sugar, fewer carbs - and more get - up - and - go! 

I've had setbacks, and bad days. I've been discouraged, and found encouragement as we've pushed and pulled each other along this journey. Thank you so much to those who have encouraged me on. I hope I've been an encouragement to you so far.

Quick TIP - The most important change I've made so far - is incorporating more exercise into each day (well, most each day). Every little bit counts after all. Moving a little is better than not at all!

This past week - my food and exercise journal: 

  • Monday- I'm so enjoying my new bible studies on Monday evenings. It also allows me to hit the beach in the evening for a walk and to catch sunset. Stayed the course with healthy eating
  • Tuesday- Didn't do enough exercising and movement - gave in to the pain and tirednes
  • Wednesday- mild stretching - not enough water - stayed away from sugar
  • Thursday- short walk - out for the evening - (lil too much sugar - it was desert and coffee with       Deb Bell)
  • Friday- swimming and exercise at the pool - fruit instead of desert
  • Saturday- cleaned house - (counts as my exercise for the day) overdid it a bit - drank water but also too much coke zero! (such a wimp)
  • Sunday- rested most of the day - spent time outside with the boys - not enough water- tomorrow is   a new day


Top Ten Things I'll change going into October: 

1. More water - at least 4-5 big glasses each day
2. Less sugar - nuff said
3. Longer exercise times - I've started small and need to kick it into gear
4. More frequent exercise - daily
5. Fewer coke zero's (they are bad bad bad)
6. Stay the course - using bible verses as a source of encouragement
7. More arm exercises - remembering that even when I can't walk - I can do these
8. Exercising with the boys - they will coach me along
9. Better meal planning - I've allowed this to slip away the past week and it takes it's toll
10. Drink a full glass of water before meals and snacks

How are you doing? 

Do you have any tips or tricks to encourage others to stay the course? (especially those with chronic pain)

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