Friday, September 28, 2012

Our homeschool week- Wrap up- New Adventures - Freebies

In my life this week…


I've been playing with my photo's again - wrote y'all a tutorial about some of the
new iphone apps here (they are some of my new #Faves) 

In our homeschool this week…

Evening beach walk after bible study was a fun homeschool event this week. While I did my moms bible study - the boys went with the kiddos to look for tidal pools on the beach and see what critters they could find. 
The boys learn so much while spending time outdoors - they become inspired to learn more. 

This is one of our #FavoriteThings 

What really happened: 

Boys have so much fun destroying things
There was a nice man on the beach who thought it was perfectly fine for them to pounce and destroy his sand creation.

He must have once been a boy.

"D" is for Destroy

Delight - Derail -
Delinquents (snort) 

Are you blogging through the alphabet

What we're cooking…

Kids in the kitchen

Family Taco night is always a hit at our house - check out all the recipes linked up
 this week on our Kids in the Kitchen post - Lot's of good pinning to be had there!

Places we go peeps we see…

So often the things we think are so important - are NOT the things God uses - Deb Bell #homeschool @ApologiaWorld #hsbloggersCaught Jenn @dazeofadventure  lovin' on Rachel @Finding _Joy -as we soaked up #homeschool wisdom fr Deb Bell #hsbloggers

Have you heard me mention Deb Bell yet this week? Deb Bell . DEB BELL. deb bell. 
I've met her before - but thanks to some hard work by Jenn @dazeofadventure  and the generosity of Apologia - some southwest Florida homeschool moms got to hang and soak up some of her homeschool wisdom. 
Fortunately - Rachel Martin @Finding_Joy  happens to be visiting (working on #beechrt
so I had the honor of spending a moment or two with her as well. 

So looking forward to more time of fellowship as we learn the ins and outs of blogging at the end of January 31st - Feb 3 at the BEECH Retreat  - Join us!!! (it's ALL inclusive- just get here - all else is taken care of- parking, shuttles, room, food, workshops -ALL inclusive

Thankful Thurs: I'm grateful for the time to sit with these ladies - to connect with other homeschool moms IRL. There were tears, there was encouragement - it was GOOD!

I'm thankful also for the friends who have encouraged me lately. Life isn't always easy. We all need a safe place. Grateful for those who "get me". When we connect in that way- it strengthens us as individuals, it strengthens us as sisters in Christ, and it glorifies God. 

Sometimes even a quick comment, or facebook message, an email or phone call  - you never know when God may be using you to lift someone up. 
Let's use our words to love others for the Lord. 

thank you 

Quote of the week . . . 

Would you believe it's from - Deb Bell ?

It's easy to see God at work when all is well - what about when things aren't as you think they should be? Trusting Him when things are tough is one thing . . . . 
recognizing Him there is another. 

God's plan is always perfect! Learn to TRUST - He has a plan 4 ur child #homeschool #hsbloggers

What we're reading…

What we're reading. . . #homeschool  
We love this  book - we picked it up on an adventure in the mountains of N. Georgia 
My little artist is using it as inspiration for his art - #Fave

My lil artist . . . To go w his book study #homeschool #hsbloggers

I'm using it as inspiration for him to work on "er" sounds - recognizing letters and reading simple words. I'm also using the "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" book - and we have had great success with it. Because he loves to draw - the pictures are helping him overcome some "glitches". 

Are you worried about your child being "on schedule" or up to "grade level" with their reading or other school work? Please let me know if you are in need of some encouragement or information on this subject. I've learned so much from Deb Bell and many others - I'm happy to pass on the information. 

Freebies this week…

A couple of my "new homeschool mom friends" needed this link - so I thought I'd share it with you: 

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has free homeschool ID's for you to print 
- use them for discounts when you need to prove you are a homeschool family. 

They also have curriculum and other Freebies - here


k balman said...

I would so love ro go to the BEECH retreat but that fee is way out of budget! Great week.

k balman said...

I would so love ro go to the BEECH retreat but that fee is way out of budget! Great week.