Thursday, February 14, 2013

A look at our homeschool week

In my life this week…

                              Letter of the week "V" -   V is for Victory! 
                     The boys played their first soccer games of the year on Saturday

In our homeschool this week…

                  V is for Venezuela (we love our recipe book from GeoMatters) 
                    Get the recipe and see how we use cooking in our homeschool here.


     V is for Visitors and . . . . .
My sweet friend Hyacynth @Undercover Mother  and her family came to visit - I haven't even had a chance to load our photo's yet from our time together (my phone had very little charge at the time) but the Lighthouse pic has 2 of our boys playing together on the beach. Her boys are little darlings who filled our home with the sweetest giggles. We loved having them again this year and all have decided it must be an annual event! 

The sea fog gave us the opportunity to discuss "vapor". 

We read about Velocity, Vultures, George Washington's Victory, and words with 'v' 

My favorite thing this week was…

                          A little time with my Valentine - was high on my list of favorites this week!

My hubby is a pro fishing guide and has been very busy. It was wonderful to have him be
able to hang with us at the beach. He enjoyed getting to know Hyacynth's husband as well. 
It is so nice when time with friends and people we care about comes together in an easy
going, comfortable way. Relaxing and fun! 

Speaking of fun . . . . 
V is for Viatic  
(of or pertaining to travel) 

The boys and I went from the beach to the house, showered, threw a suitcase in the mamavan, 
and hit the road for an Adventure with Marcy @Ben and me . We met their family in Miami and 
then explored Shark Valley (V is for Valley). I did manage to get plenty of pics of this crew on my (finally charged) iphone.

 Vacation! Vivacious! Victory dance! 

Reading learning exploring …

                  In the Everglades! V is for VERY exciting adVenturez! 

Vibrios are ubiquitous and abundant in the aquatic environment
(it's also some kind of bacteria that can kill you) 

The boys really enjoyed spending time with Ben and our day in the glades for the Shark Valley Tram Tour was a fantastic experience. We learned a lot and had fun doing it.

We are still off on our adventure. I hope you are having some adventure of your own and 
slowing down enough to find joy in the little things along the way! 

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