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Frugal Family - Homeschool Convention

In an effort to save money this year,  I'm joining my friends Marcy +Ben and Me  as well as Sam +Sam's Noggin  to bring you this weekly  link up full of tips for becoming a more Frugal Family. We will be sharing ideas to help you save money on groceries and meals, homeschool, crafts, and plenty of frugal DIY posts. We've made many sacrifices so that I can stay at home to teach the boys, and I've become pretty frugal in order to help make that possible and to keep it that way. It's become a challenge I truly enjoy, and one I enjoy sharing with you!

This week:
Homeschool at a discount and a family adventure to boot!

I am one of those people who don't like to pay full price for anything. Last year, I attended the first Teach Them Diligently Convention with friends. It was an amazing experience. It was, hands down, the best homeschool convention - ever and I picked up many needed discounted items.

I had to travel quite a ways to attend, but it was worth it. The vendor hall is chock full of curriculum and inspiring homeschool loot. It occupies me for hours, I mean hours, days even! (The speakers are wonderful too - but the shopping is amazing) It's difficult to purchase larger curriculum items without putting your hands on them first. I like to get a good look at what is being offered - to make sure it's a good fit for my family - before making that kind of investment. 

With all the discounts available- The savings add up fast!

We plan family adventures around such events to make the most of our trip. We use our ASTC Science center memberships to stop for field trips along the way. We use our Choice Rewards program to save on hotel fees along the way and earn free nights.

The travel itself enriches our homeschool experience, being surrounded by like minded folks is an opportunity we look forward to each year. The whole family enjoys it.

One of the best tips I can give you for the homeschool convention experience is to have an idea ahead of time what it is you need. It will help you stick to your "list" if you have one! You are sure to find plenty of extra's that you will want. If you have your list of needs handy, you will know what is left in your budget to pick up the extras.

Last year, we bought an amazing microscope that connects to the computer- for a big discount at the convention. It has greatly enhanced our science program! 

A few suggestions from some of my favorites:

Complete - GeoMatters - Trail Guide (Paths of Settlement) (add books and math)

Apologia - Who is God?
Master Books - A is for Adam


GeoMatters - Trail Guide (Paths of Settlement) -using library books or buy them all in one place - this is really a full curriculum (other than math) but we love it for history 

Supplemental books-

Consider planning a family trip around a Teach Them Diligently Convention  - enjoy lots of sales and discounts only offered at the convention, and discover the curriculum choices that are right for your family. 

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5 winners chosen - Free is the best Frugal!

Being Frugal means being smart with your money- attending a convention like TTD is a smart thing to do before you invest money in your homeschool curriculum and it's a great adventure!

See what other TTD bloggers have on their shopping lists here.

*links in this post are affiliate links and any profits go towards supporting our homeschool as well - Thank you!

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