Monday, June 24, 2013

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In Our Life This Week  . . . 

We have summer storms most every day here in Southwest Florida - My husband is busy working, fishing. It's our tarpon season. People come from all around the world to fish in the "Tarpon Capital of the World" - Boca Grande
I'm working on a new site for the fishing business & Captain Daddy is fishing daily, dodging the afternoon storms. I wrote about it here in "Once upon a summer" 

In Our Homeschool This Week . . .  

We school year-round, but have slowed to a snails pace the past few weeks. We do some Bible, math, and reading - and any other projects that suite us. We catch a lot of bugs, tad poles, and lizards while we're at it. Well, the boys do. 

We are really excited about our new Awanas homeschool program! 

We are slowly working our way through the Swimming Creatures book from Apologia
I made these fun ocean themed book marks and copy work for scripture verses. You are welcome to download them for use in your home. 

We are cooking . . . 

Come and link up your own favorite recipes with us each Tuesday (open throughout 
 the week) on Kids in the Kitchen - we use kitchen time as part of our homeschool. 

Favorite . . . 

So, Spencer lost a tooth this week. He took it over to the neighbors house to show them, came home, excited with a $1 bill and said, "This thang's a REAL money maker!" 

He made 2 more dollars by putting it under his pillow. 

Read, Explore, Learn . . . 

The Tower of Babel  - Is our new book from Master Books. We will be building a Lego tower as we read and study the story and scriptures. We will explore the book further as we learn about how it relates to the world today. 

I'm excited . . . 

I just booked a vacation getaway for July, with our sweet cousins (my sister has 3 boys also) We will enjoy a couple of days at the Nick Suites hotel together, playing in their water park and getting slimmed, most of all, making fun cousin memories. 

We have a week full of organizing, learning, swimming and exploring the beach coming up this week. We will meet up with friends and I'm hoping to fit in some crafts as well. 

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