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Chronicles of Dinosauria - from Master Books - a book review

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We had the opportunity to review Chronicles of Dinosauria by Dave Woetzel and Richard Dobbs Jr.
Master Books and New Leaf Publishing 

This collection of scientific evidence, historical documentation, and beautifully designed graphics is a genuine treasure. It includes photographs from various expeditions all around the world. Ancient artistic evidence, from around the globe depicting dinosaurs roaming the earth alongside of man are one of our favorite parts of the book.

My boys loved the drawings, and photographs in the book and listened attentively as we read aloud about the exciting evidence discovered an several of the expeditions included. They asked questions and were interested in further study as they learned about scientific facts and findings they'd not heard of before.

Did you know there are plenty of samples, from right here in the United States, of un-fossilized dinosaur bones? Some of them actually still have soft pliable tissue, which means they are most definitely NOT millions of years old. Chronicles of Dinosauria gives a detailed accounting of the location, and the scientists involved in those important (and under-reported) findings. 

The book goes into detail about the effect of the Genesis flood and teaches why many scientists believe it shows the biblical account to be true and accurate. 

Watch the exciting introduction to this chronicle of man and dinosaur here: 

In eight chapters the book covers The Creation and the Dinosaurs,  The Flood and the Dinosaurs, Fossil Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Historical Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Artistic Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Cryptozoology Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, Biblical Evidence of Dinosaurs and Man, and Apologetics and Conslusion. 

Although it is labeled as Juvenile Nonfiction - it reads as exciting as any mystery novel should and is interesting for all ages, including adults.

I consider it a valuable tool for teaching and understanding how scientific data is gathered, and how it is frequently misused to support opinions and speculation. It is refreshing to have a resource that has been carefully compiled, clearly dictated, and beautifully represented so that we can gain expert knowledge in an easy to understand format.

Our family will continue to learn from this book for years to come and will be able to refer back to it as we study history, science and even geography in the future. It has quickly become one of our most valued resources for study.

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