Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday: Leaping Lizards . . . and other such wildlife in my house!

I participate on Wednesday with Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind and Master Books at Creation Conversations to bring you Wildlife Wednesday. We share our adventures in nature and information about encounters with God's beautiful creation.

This week: 

Ll is for . . . Leaping Lizards . . . in my house! 
#letter of the week with Ben and Me

I'd love to tell you that our house isn't always full of bugs, reptiles, and amphibians - but to my chagrin, it would simply not be truthful. With 3 little boys running in and out of the house throughout most of the day, and with all the exploring I've encouraged, coupled with the hands on learning style we enjoy - I suppose it was inevitable that I would amass a collection of God's rather "interesting" critters. 

Um, yes, that is my lovely Daysprings lantern . . . with a lizard in it. 

Believe it or not, it wasn't all that long ago we had several scorpions as family pets. No, I'm not kidding. They actually turned out to be pretty interesting. 

Did you know that scorpions give birth to about 25 - 35 babies at a time?  They live on the mother's back for a couple of weeks until after the first molting. Interesting, huh? 

Read more about these critters, get links with free videos and information about how these critters of ours  point to the design of the Creator - on the Creation Conversations Wildlife Wednesday site here. 

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